Minecraft Stories!

Have you ever been surrounded by a never ending crowd of monsters? (I have) That reminds me of a time on Valcraft when I was playing OcinCraft and I was a werewolf. I was jumping around like crazy killing all the monsters that tried to hit me. I was going so fast that a skelton shot at me and I ran ot of the way from the arrow and insta-killed the skeleton. Then, the mob of mobs surrounded me. I was closed off by everything – skeletons, zombies, enderman, and spiders. So, I jumped and went to my house pouncing on my prey. I will always remember that.


Holographical Returns!

Note From dumcheese: All the normal text in this is Holographical talking.

Hello, it’s me Holographical, i came to inform you that after passing the 75 followers needed for Non-Boring Posts,  you passed 100 which kept Dum Cheese alive in the battle ahead… oops sorry Time Travel stuff. Anyway, the blog will remain good and well till June when the Battle Of Doctor Cheese! I am also a time-traveler if you haven’t guessed that already. Well, anyway, in the near future Doctor Cheese will do something that will start a war between Food World and… I’ve already said to much. Well, I’ll just say it now, we need at least 125 followers beofre June. Yep, that’s how many we’ll need to defeat, the other creatures. Dum Cheese’s fate remains undecided for he needs te followers for strength in the battle.

Note From dumcheese: This will also be a huge story arc for the blog if you’re one of those followers who followed for my stories. HUGE STORY ARC AHEAD!



I have a new idea! SInce Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style is finishing up soon, I was thinking for the second season, I could use “different characters”. Including, Dum Cheese, Batman, and Darth Vader! What do you Cheeses think of this? I figured out that Lego COOSUU is actually spelled Lego CUUSOO. Anyway, hahahhahaha three likes, on this post for “different” characters !


Blind-Bag Themes Decided!

Since they tied, I will sell random Minecraft Drawings and Dum Cheese Pictures! I think 1.99$ is good… do you? I mean like 1$ or 2$ for shipping and then 1$ for the actual item. 2.99 it is!


New Page!

Hey Cheeses, I have installed a new page! I removed Our Website since it was pretty much the same as Welcome To Rileys Backpack though. The new page spotlights cool blogs! Some (But Not Limited To) I will mention. Stooky Origami, The New Block and plenty more await you on this new page!

Other Awesome Blogs!


New Movie Sequels!

I know this blog’s Movie Sequels make a huge part of this blog. So… I’m proud to announce my newest creation! Hairy Potter: The Eight Undiscovered Book! This will be out in about a week. This will probably not be a very good Sequel though since it is my very first try at fantasy. Expect a disaster next week. This is only an idea though and this post needs three likes for me to do it. Yep. Lego COOSUU inspired me… is COOSUU spelled right…

Anyway, Hairy Potter will only come out if this post gets three likes. Also, tell me if I spelled COOSUU right…