My Brother

AHHHHHH!! Help me pleaaaase!

That is what I want to say every time my 6 year old brother is in the room. He is obnoxious to the next level!!!! Oh no! He’s here HELLLLLLLP! Ahckk


How To Color Text In WordPress!

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Finally, click the color you would like to select!

You can use red, yellow, blue, green, purple, or any other color you want.

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Comic Con Goodies!

I got a Magic The Gathering Booster Pack, A Green Lantern Ring, and A STOOKY GREEN ARROW MINIFIGURE! I also saw a bunch of costumed people, the Mystery Machine, Batman in his Underwear, and a HUGE Graphic Novel. Also, Michael Rooker was there.


Back To Comic-Con… Again!

I’m going to Nashville Comic Con… Again! Today, we weren’t able to go, but my stepdad was and he got us these MEGA STOOKY prints! I will post them soon!

I’ll give you a hint of my print: Minion Inc.


Everything Is So Boring Now…


Everything is boring now that I don’t have another OY book to look forward to. I wish… Wug… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… [Sad Whistle]… I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Boo-Hoo school is… WUG!

I am bored… so insanely bored….

Sooo, I looked up why Mitchel Musso left Pair Of Kings and then I found out why and then I found out he also plays Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb and, AANG FROM AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER!!!!!!!!

Owww’lll (Pronounce the letters it’ll make sense) , I am super bored and wish people would post more origami or I could get more nice comments and I dont have time to blog anymore cause by the time I get home its like 5 o’ clock.



My Origami Yoda Theory

Captain Micah is from a different school where there is a different version of everyone else.

Example A: The lady with the wipes who comes in sounds and appears to be like Mr. Good Clean Fun.

Example B: Captain Micah says “Plesiosaur to meet you” which means there is a version of Murky at that school making up Murkisms.

I think, that Dwight created OY not just to help Ralph Mquarrie, but to help everyone, and possibly people on different planets.

And OY getting in the Mail-Lennium Falcon? Well, I have no theory for that…

Example A: Dwight puts Zynamon 5