Warner Bros. Announce DC Slate, 31 Superhero Films Between 2015 and 2020

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Sick of sequels, superhero movies, tentpole development strategies and the endless cavalcade of rumours about who’s going to play which hero when? Well, get used to it. Warner Brothers Studios announced their full slate of films for the expanded DC Comics universe overnight, brining the tally of announced feature films from the DC and Marvel collective to a total of thirty-one. Yes, folks: between now and 2020—that’s the next six years—there will be a total of thirty-one DC and Marvel films hitting theatres, with more to be announced to flesh out Marvel’s six-film-a-year schedule in the near future. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the medium-budget film giving up.

Amongst DC’s ten announced titles are two Justice League films, as well as spinoffs The FlashAquaman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (at this stage, the only female-led superhero film from either studio), each expected to grow into their own franchises, which themselves…

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