Kids Next Door Auditioning!

You can now audition for the WordPress KND! You stop adult tyranny and bring justice to the universe! Numbuh One and Three are the only ones  taken, so anywhere above or below is good!


Origami Order Auditioning!

We have three current members but you guys can join too!

Right now, the members are:



and Jabba The Kate!

You can join as anyone in the Star Wars Universe, but you have to insert your first name in somewhere!





Originally posted on SuperFolder Foldawan's Site ! :

Hi SuperFolders ! It’s SuperFolder Foldawan here and I have so much to tell you all ! Okay so first of all I have decided that I will write a post three times a week ! Monday , Friday , and Sunday ! Next thing that I want to talk about is … Stats ! Yesterday my site reached 68 views ! whats the big deal you may ask ?!? The big deal is that my all -time record IS 68 VIEWS ! So I hope with this post I can blast that stat with 100+ views !! See , My site has 1,800 + views and I want to make it to  2,000 views , and to do that I will need at least 130 views or comments

Also I will have a admin on the site ! I already invited one except the blogger hasnt replied yet …

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Which Contest Should I Do?

I remember making a Dum Cheese Story Contest 2 but I don’t think anyone entered. So now I shall give you a choice of what contest you want. Dum Cheese Writing, Drawing, and Origami are the choices, so tell me in the comments which of the three you want!