Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season 2! Meet the new cast!

Ok! Instead of me creating all the characters, you guys get to vote for who is coming back on! Ok, so here’s how this works. You pick 5 teams, and the top 5 teams who have the most votes before next week will be cast onto the show!

Good luck! Have fun! And i’ll see you next time on



Rileys Backpack Style!



Differences Between Superheroes

Superman is superpowered

Captain America is sorta superpowered

Superman is from the DC universe

Captain America is from the Marvel Universe

Superman wears Red, Blue and Yellow

Captain America wears Red, White, and Blue

Superman is from Krypton

Captain America is from an Ireland as an immigrant.

Superman is in the Justice Leauge

Captain America is from the Avengers

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The Dum Cheese and Holographical Show!

(Yellow Text is Dum Cheese, Blue is Holographical.)

Hello readers, it’s Dum Cheese here along with Holographical, our worried alien friend.

Yes yes, call me what you want, but I have come to warn the citizens of the Food World, again. Recently, there have been more and more sighting’s of the looming Space Vegetable threat. I have come today to warn everyone what is in store for them if they do not list-

Blah blah blah. We’re all in mortal danger again. Sure. You say that every time I invite you over for a cup of tea…

Now stop interrupting! If I want I could have this planet terminated.

Oh Muuulk!!!




Oh well, now that he’s out of the way, your regularly scheduled weekly posts will resume.

Sorry for shortness!




Minecraft Tuesday!

Since there is so much Minecraft to be explored, in each post I will do a Redstone section, and Building section, and a Minespud server section.


                                                                         REDSTONE SECTION!

This week in redstone, I began an adventure map completely run by command blocks in an empty superflat world. The command blocks will be in a giant block in the sky. The command blocks will also write themselves so that people can’t go to Level 2 without finishing Level 1.

I am also improving my random drop chance machine so that it’s done automatically.

Original Drop Video Here


                                                               BUILDING SECTION

This week in building, I am improving my Star Destroyer and beginning to build the hangar on it. Also, I’m continuing my Marvel Superhero PvP Map (Updated Version)

I am building a bending arena for the bending plug-in. There will be Earth, Water, and Fire allowed. This will also be a minigame.


                                                                Minespud Server (Bending)

IP: minspud.com

This server is a place where you can bend the elements of the Avatar world.

Earth – The ideal element for defending.

Fire – Watch your enemies be destroyed by you and your army.

Water – A good defense is the best offense.

Air – Avoid and evade.

On the server, I (DumCheese) am an Avatar with Avatar State (Super Charges Everything). I am second in command in a faction called StoneGauntlet. We are the biggest faction on the server.

Right now, I am building a massive tower called CheeseCorp.*

It is in the middle of a huge mesa biome.

*Idea based on this

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I’m making a new book! And idea’s…

I have an idea on how to post better! I’ll have a specific post for each day! As well as the normal weird flow of posts that come out of my mouth and into the screen, there will also be a scheduled post for each day. Here’s the list!

Monday: Ideas And Updates

Tuesday: Minecraft Post (Servers, Redstone, ect)

Wednesday: Dum Cheese Story

Thursday: Difference’s Between Superheroes (Now A Series!)

Friday: Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style (Finally Back)

Saturday: Life Post

Sunday: Origami Post

This will be starting next Monday!

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Lower Views From Last Year

Last year in April we got 571 views. Which would mean we got 142.25 views a week. It’s been a little more than a week and we have 71. We can do this, I just need to start posting more! And you guys look at the posts!


Yay! I’m pretty sure everybody caught it, but….

The last post was april fools! I’m going to be here till 2023 at least, and my goal of followers to get before then is…


I know it seems impossible, but my stooky followers can tell thier friends, and i can tell my friends, and WE CAN DO THIS!

Anyway, I’m going to try and post more often. But I don’t know what to post…



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