Posting Schedule (and reactivation)

Yes that’s right I am finally reactivating as an author! Because I am about to leave for summer holiday (sorry, I love sounding British), and next year I won’t have that much work I will be able to post a lot and hopefully get a lot of action on this blog.


I have plans for this blog. Big plans.

Creepiness aside, I have a list of goals for the blog.

Cheesy Merch

I am hoping that eventually we will have enough support and enough fans to justify a Cheesy Shop. Cheesy T-Shirts, Cheesy Cups, and Cheesy Posters.

Mmmmm…cheese *drooling sound*

But if we get enough fan support and enough interest in it, then you can have your very own Cheesy Merch. Leave a comment about your thoughts on the merch and any Cheesy suggestions.

Posting Everyday

This is one of the most important things on this 2 thing list. I will try to be active and hilarious to generate attention for this blog and it’s authors. My Schedule (subject to change) is as follows.

Monday: Status Update and Announcements

Tuesday: Clash and/or Minecraft posts and Updates on YouTube

Wednesday: Series! I am planning a lot of series on YouTube (hint hint) and Wednesday will be our series day. But don’t worry! I will also be doing more series episodes, so keep reading!

Thursday: Just Posts😦. Yeah, even amazing middle-schooler’s have their limits.

Friday: Mystery Day! That’s right Cheeses, you have NO IDEA what is going to happen on Thursday. You don’t know whether it’s going to be on Riley’s Backpack (Follow this blog to see if it’s here) on my or Riley’s YouTube channel’s (Follow those too) or on the back of a 95 Camaro (send to Cheese HQ, we’ll check).

Saturday: Break Day! I might post if I get likes on my other posts.

Sunday: YouTube Day! Another series video or a Let’s Play.

So that is my unnecessarily long post.

Be sure to Like this post (at least 5 if you want me to be active on Saturday) Follow this Blog, and follow Riley and me on YouTube, WordPress, and life (just kidding no stalkers).






Clash Royale Update

As you all know, Clash Royale is a fun arcade style game for you use your battle deck to face other players. It’s really fast paced but stategic at the same time.

Anyways, there was a new update on this game! Here are a few changes and addons:

New Legendary Cards

New Rare Cards

New Common Cards

Brand New TV Royale way of watching that shows you the best battles of each arena, instead of just legendary.

Easier to find chests

You get gold from winning battles even if your chest slots are full.

And that’s pretty much it. Thanks and



John Early

So. Next year I am going to be changing schools to a new one called John Early. I’m leaving Litton with Jamie and Isaac, and Maz will be joining us in 8th grade. I’m saying bye to Mitchell, Harry, French, and many others, but it is for the best! Cause it leads into one of the best high schools in the state.

I’m sad bout leaving some of my friends, but theres always texting and Sip.

This post has been brought to you by Riley’s Life.


Clash of Clans – How to Win a War!

Ok, so the number one thing you must have if you ever want to win any war ever, it the complete and total participation of the top 70% of your war map. (Ex. 10 Person War = Top 7 use attacks)

Of course you’ll always want everyone to attack, but your good if you can get that 70%. So, now your thinking, all right, I have my participating members, now what do I do?

After you can make sure everyone can attack, make sure everyone knows how to attack. Make sure everyone follows the war plan and the attack for their TH level. Your plans should look something like this:

TH 6: Giant-Healer

TH 7: GiWiArch (Giants wizards archers) Dragons

TH 8: GoWiPe, GoHo, Hogs, Dragons, GiWiPe, GoVaLo

TH 9: Lavaloonion, GoWiPe, GoVaHo

TH 10+: GoValk, GoWiPe, Lavaloonion

So long as your people usually use these attacks when warring, they should win, if ya don’t know how to use an attack you see, look it up on YouTube, or wait till I finish my “How To Attack” guide.

Ok, so now your going, my people are using these attacks, but were still losing! Now here is your solution:


If you don’t use strategy, and your team attacks whoever they want, then you will lose. Here are a couple commonly used strategies:

Attack Your Number Then Clean Up: This seems like it would work everytime, but it doesn’t. There will be cases when your number is too hard and you will fail your clan and then you’ll try to clean-up, but all of them can be too hard as well!

Attack With Common Sense: This is commonly seen in clan descriptions but the problem with this one is that it has no structure. Common sense can direct someone to attack higher if they think they can take it, but they actually cannot. People often just attack whoever they want when they use this strategy, and it results in a loss most times.

First Attack 3-Star, Second Attack Clean Up: In my eyes, this is the best strategy a clan can use, as it lowers morale for the other clan if all your first attacks are down and three stars. Once they get their definite three star done, they look at the replays of the people who didn’t get three stars, and figure out how to disarm it with a different attack. Here’s an example:

First Attacker: GoWiPe, finds all the giant bombs and finds the clan castle troops and how to lure, but can’t do it.

Second Attacker: GoHo, triggers giant bombs while luring the clan castle, and destroys the troops and three stars easily since they have inside knowledge.

Ok, now your starting to win a few wars, but your up against a mismatched clan now, what do you do?
Whenever Polar Cheese gets matched up against a much better clan, I make sure to get most of my clan members on at the start of the war and get them all to attack at once. Think of the havoc it will cause on the other side, if they wake up to a score of 0-27, in your favor. This lowers morale and will make most of the members on the other side want to give up, and if they don’t they won’t try as hard because they think they are going to lose the war anyways.

This has been DumCheese’s guide on destroying the other clan  in war, 29-0! Thank youuuuu!


The Opposite Game

Today I am here to talk to you about a way you can mess with administrative figures! So basically, it works like this. If your country uses the Standard System, then always say your height in meters! If Metric, then give them your height in feet! It works every time, and usually ensues with a “Stop with that mouth”.


Little Red Riley Hood

This is a story I wrote in 5th grade and forgot to post.. So here..

Once upon a time, there was a small boy named Little Red Riley Hood. He was on his way to his Grandpa’s house in the middle of the big, dark, wolf-infested woods. As he trotted down the path, he came across a young, hungry-looking, wolf.

“Why hello there Riley, how are you today?”


“Why are you scared my friend? I am as nice as any human.”

“Oh, i’m sorry. I was scared because my neighbor’s house got blown down from a wolf…”

“Well, I can assure you that not all wolves are evil.”

“Ok! Lets keep going on our way then!”

So they both skipped all the way to Grandpa’s House. Once they got in, the Grandpa called them over.

Grandpa: Why hello!

Riley: Hi Grandpa!

Wolf: Hello!

Grandpa: Come a little closer my dears.

Wolf: Ok

Wolf and Riley:  [Screams and Blood Splat]

Grandpa: Mmm, that was some good eating! Maybe I should invite Little Red Riding Hood over…


Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

                                The Wolf was nice and The Grandpa was evil.


Posting Habits

Just so ya know, I only make pictures for the posts I make on my iPad.

I try to post every two days but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. So, I have decided I will post when I have something to post about. I could have 2 in one day, ya might not get one for 3 days, but it must be better than whatever it is I’m trying to do now.

Here’s an example

It’s Saturday, nothing is happening, I don’t post.

Woah, Sunday! I went to an amazing festival and tried new foods! I do post.

When you look at it like that it’s actually remarkably simple.

On an off note, BLUE!!


R2-D2 Thumbnail

So I have had this R2-D2 thumbnail for my blog as long as I can remember.988678_617155001649245_2092561410_n

Should I change it to something cooler, newer, like some new art? Just tell me in das comments so I can react based on my 189 followers.

(Still. Not. At. 200.) Such frustrating..



Trouble with Titles and Types of Readers

For those of you who have thought, this one-word title stuff is the road to fame, I have recently discovered that there is a problem with one–word titles.

Although there probably wasn’t anyone who thought they were the road to fame..

Anyways, I’ve deduced that when you use one-word titles a lot, like I do, you usually end up with two drafts titled Stuff. So I’m going to try to add some variety to the stuff. So that was the intro to this long, tedious, boring Monday. I mean Monday post.


So, I’ve been thinking and I realized that there are three types of readers on this blog. We have the Loyals, who actually read long posts like these, the Speeders, who read those posts I do where its really just like 2 words and a picture, and the Spammers.

Now I have to say, the majority of you are probably Speeders, flying through your readers clicking like to everything you see. But we have some Loyal people who actually read every word that comes out of my brain. So today I have a poll for you, where I will see how many of you are actually reading this for the content, how many just like Dum Cheese *crickets*, and how many of you are here to leave weird comments below my posts.

So here


Just realized anyone still reading to this point is a loyal 0-0


RIP Prince

Prince was one of the greatest musicians of all time. He influenced a lot of people, including my mom in their teenage years, giving them hope for the future.