Once Upon A Time…

Idea time! I give a sentence start, and then people in the comments keep the sentence going by adding a word or two!


The witch shot

The witch shot the wizard

The witch shot the wizard in the

The witch shot the wizard in the most

The witch shot the wizard in the most uncomfortable way.

Lets start one :D

Start: I used to


Wednesday News!

Today, my mom turned on the hotspot so that I could do online stuff. Let’s start from the beginning of this wonderful Wednesday!

I go to Student Council. We talk about the indoor yard sale happening at our school, and we design T-Shirts for us!

I mean, how cool is that.

We get T Shirts for Student Council with our names on em!

Can’t get cooler my friends.

Anyway, the Yard Sale was supported by the president and it should happen soon.

On to the next fabulous Wednesday event, Encore, instead of our normal teacher, there was a sub named Mr. Joe. He was reaaaallllllyyyyy good at art so we made Artist Trading Cards, where we tried to replicate the styles of lots of artists. He held a drawing at the end for a little drawing by him.

Here’s how that played out

Teacher: Which number between 1 and 8 do you choose Riley?

Riley: 2? 

Teacher: I’m sorry, you didn’t win the Grand Prize!!!! Who will be our next lucky guessed?

Oh well, not everything can be won. I had a lot of fun making the trading cards. My artist to replicate is a guy named ROA, you might have heard of him, he paints these kind of creepy animal murals, where from one point it looks fine, but you move over and it’s cut in half…

In other news, I’m reading a good book about a guild of thieves called The Dungeoneers.

You should know by now, this is all an illusion created by Hotspot. No wifi today, probably tommorow.

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Cheese News: Everything Happens On Wednesdays!

So, for me, everything happens on Wednesdays. Even though it isn’t a Wednesday right now, I still wanted to tell you about it. I wake up, get dressed ect… Then my mom drives me to school and I go into my Science teachers room for Student Council. Tomorrow we are meeting with the Principal to talk about the Solstice Dance… everything in my life can be compared to Origami Yoda.

After the Student Council meeting, school actually starts and I go to Encore, which is basically gifted class. (Fun fact: I tested every year for 4 years unsuccessfully, until I got in in 5th grade) There we are going to work on our Artist Profiles. The rest of the day pretty much flies by until I get home. AND GUESS WHAT? THIS WEDNESDAY MY WIFI COMES BACK! SUPRISE ENDING! xfinity took long enough to start working…

So for the Video-Game followers, that means I can post more Clash Of Clans and import you some Minecraft news from Minespud. Here’s a sneak peak:


In case you don’t know, Hunk is our enemy and TheWaterKeepers used to be some of our closest allies. But now, they are under his control, and the leader is paying him tribute.

Also, I’m going to start posting videos on my Youtube channel again! Mostly Minecraft, but I also have some stop-motion videos for ya!

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Hi guys! So I got Riley obsessed with a game called Agar.io. You’re able to download it on IOS, Google Play and Android. You’re also able to download it on Mac and PC. You should download it!

Also, if you didn’t hear the news in Paris, you should send your regards by just saying thank you for being brave. For the families of the over 100 people that died, I’m so sorry. They are lovely people who didn’t deserve to die.


It’s Friday The Thirteenth

I was originally on the thirteenth computer, completely randomly (DUN DUN DUN). But there was a glitch and the mouse didn’t work so I had to get on this one, which is randomly TWENTY-ONE. But I thought I would post today…

Wifi is still down at my house.


More Likes than Views Daily…

I thought views were supposed to be special, but apparently not on Rileys Backpack…

Everyday I get more likes than people actually looking at pages or posts on my blog. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around but apparently not. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but I guess it is because people like me.


Wifi Is Down…

Sorry I haven’t been able to post, it’s because my wifi provider is skipping town.

Because Google Fiber is coming!

Oh well, soon I will have my wifi back. But for now, posting in my reading class will have to be enough.

Well bai!


Posting and Why I Haven’t Gotten Demoted from Author.

I feel like I haven’t posted in a few months. Oh I know why…I HAVEN’T! Anyway now I am making a conscious effort to post more. Starting with this one, I will give a brief overview of the first few months of school.

First Day: This is going to be a great year!

Second Day-Present: School is horrible.

What a story Jamie!

I know thank you.

A new author is Mazzy and she goes to school with Riley and me. She just wrote a bio about herself. Now it comes to my attention that I have never written a bio for this blog. Unless you count this from a few years ago: I’m Jamie I go to school with Riley minecraft is cool im awesome. Ah, school days…

A bio will be coming as soon as I do something worth putting in a bio.