I took the IQ test that Brandoboy took, got 135 *puts on cool glasses* for those of you, shudder, less intelligent XD just kidding guys. I didn’t put my age and it thinks I’m a post graduate of high school XD.. But it’s really cool..



Announcements for Student Council AKA Failure

This morning, it was time. I had cheated it long enough. I finally accepted the fact that I would have to do the school announcements for the dance. So me and Jamie (Jamesblonde123), went up to the office with the script that the SC president gave us. We did the pledge of allegiance and the student behavior pledge of boringness, and then we started our advertisement.

Here’s how it went..

Jamie: Hey Riley, guess what?

Riley: What?

Jamie: The Let it Snow dance!

Riley: Oh ya! (muffled laughter echoed around the whole school) It’s February 5th, 4:30 to 6:30.

Riley: (Laughing while Jamie does his line)

Jamie: Awesome! That’s next (giggle) Friday! Don’t forget the admission (laughs out loud) is 2$!

(Mr. Davis <Awesome Vice Principal> laughs because were laughing)

Riley: See you later!

Jamie: Bye!

Now that’s what happened in the morning. And ive been pegged down to do it again right now since its afternoon..

BTW I’m typing this while taking a Social Studies class and talking to OY30. #AmazballsMultitasker



Ice Cream at School???

Two words that usually don’t go together. BUT ALAS, FOR ALL THE GOOD KIDS WE GOOT IIIICE CREAM ON FRIDAY!!! Took them long enough to add the two words.
Each kid got one cup of ice cream and one spoonful of every topping. By the time I was done it was like 80% syrup/sprinkles/caramel, and like 10% ice cream. The rest was my drool in anticipation of eating it.



Terraria and Clash of Clans

Thought you should know, I got Terraria, and I might do a game review on it later.

But anyways Ive been playing for like 2 weeks and I have Pallodium armor and a Night’s Edge. I’m in hardmode so its super hard if you hadn’t guessed that already by looking at the name of the mode.


Ok now about Clash of Clans, our clan has been booming lately and were winning a ton of our wars. So far we have two bloggers in it, me and Yeo223.


XD Spam

This one guy left a spam comment and it looked like he literally copied the spam interface onto my post. Yknow the way all spam is the same but slightly different? This guy couldn’t decide what words to say, so he just pasted all of them!

Heres an excerpt:

[Howdy, Hello, Hi, Yello] there, I am here to [tell, inform, help] you [understand, about] our new [app, game, website].

Heres another one:

I was looking on your [site, post, blog, website] and I couldn’t find the [rss, rssfeed, rss feed]. If you could [provide, give, tell me] where it is, then I would make sure to [snatch, grab, take hold of, steal, subscribe, share] your [website, blog, site].

I laughed so hard because this guy literally filled up 5,000 words space in a comment with a failed attempt at spam, XD



Almost to 300!

Just like in that one movie where 300 guys all died in the end.

Anyway I’m getting close to 300 war stars on Clash of Clans! I’m at 287, so luckily within the next couple wars I’ll make it! My clan is called Polar Cheese. Blogger wise me and Dark Hound are in it. If ya wanna join just request to with your username in the request message!!


Shouting Outing!!

Everrrryyone has done Shout Outs. But has anyone ever called it shouting outing? I say, this is a stroke of pure genius on my part. Anyway, time to get on with the shouting and the outing and the *glavin* (Simpsons reference).

I would like to thank this person in every way they can be thanked, the amazing creator of Dracoola!!,, OYYYYY300000000000000000000000000000000

And with his amazingness folds of awesomeness, the bestest folder in the whole Hoover Dam West, PauSeen Phasefeller!!!!!!

Thanks for always liking guys!


Tons of New People in Polar Cheese!

Recently, we have been getting a lot of new people in our clan. Last night alone, we got some not rushed TH Tens and Nines. It’s actually kind of disturbing considering our war record. I think it’s something like 60 loss’s, 12 wins. But nevertheless we are a Level Four clan, called Polar Cheese, with a black flag.

Come and join us todaaaaaay!!