What time is it?

What time is it?

Time for you to get a watch.

What time is it?

5:25, Eastern timezone.

What time is it?

Too much time! We should have left an hour ago!




Weird Dreams #2 : Dat Just Got Real

Now a randomly occurring series!

So, as referenced in the ‘Girls’ post I did earlier, the very same night I had a dream about the specific ‘Girl’.

So, in my dream, I was in Social Studies and the teacher isn’t very controlling, so everyone was just walking around talking. And then I overhear ‘the girl’ (Or my girlfriend, Or whatever cause I don’t know what it’s classed as when your both 11 yr olds who haven’t gone on any dates yet but still love eachother)

anyway, I hear her reference me as her boyfriend. And for some reason I wasn’t excited. But then I went over to hug her and I hurt her. Cause it turns out that dream-me was a cyborg.

Then my view perspective turned to human-dream-me and I came a killed the Cyborg and gave My girl (Space) friend a big hug.


So now for the dream overview.

I’m a cyborg and I hug my girl friend and she gets hurt so then I come and kill me and my girl friend hug.

So, in my class In Real Life, theres a really annoying kid who says “That Just Got Real” over and over. And he said it a bunch yesterday, so maybe it mixed in with my dreams about my girl friend, and created a world where we are already boyfriend and girlfriend and we hug and kiss normally. But theres also a Cyborg. I really don’t know where he came from. This will also be my Life Post for the day cause it let’s on  a lot about what’s happening in my life.

Anyway if anyone knows what the top parentheses mean then feel free to tell me below.



Challenge idea



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hey guys I have an idea for a challenge here it is go to the store and buy a bunch of war heads (the hard candy) and eat as many as you can after you cant eat anymore nominate one SF to try and beat your amount and if they can’t then they have to donate five dollars to a charity I’ll be the first since it was my idea I’ll see if I can post a video without a mask or something on my face. ask me any questions you have in the comments also reblog this please

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Life Post Ep. 1: I’m so tired I sleep about dreaming

To signify the dullness, I will write this post in grey. Although I am really good at school (Being smart, not behaving), my homeroom teacher is mean to me. She is always giving me demerits. Luckily, I have a couple good friends. My homeroom teacher is also my R/LA teacher, so i get a bunch of her every day. Buuut, My math and social studies/science teachers are both nice to me. But seriously…

Last night I was so tired, when I finally fell asleep I dreamed about sleeping.

Anyway, I altered that joke a bit.

Right now i’m so tired, I said “Last night I was so tired, when I fell asleep I sleeped about dreaming.”.

Anyway, that was the first life post, in which I will keep you bored just like me!


Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season 2! Meet the new cast!

Ok! Instead of me creating all the characters, you guys get to vote for who is coming back on! Ok, so here’s how this works. You pick 5 teams, and the top 5 teams who have the most votes before next week will be cast onto the show!

Good luck! Have fun! And i’ll see you next time on



Rileys Backpack Style!



Differences Between Superheroes

Superman is superpowered

Captain America is sorta superpowered

Superman is from the DC universe

Captain America is from the Marvel Universe

Superman wears Red, Blue and Yellow

Captain America wears Red, White, and Blue

Superman is from Krypton

Captain America is from an Ireland as an immigrant.

Superman is in the Justice Leauge

Captain America is from the Avengers

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