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4 Nights At Tioman Islands


The Dark Hound is awesome!!

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Hey there guys, whats up? I know it’s been awhile ’cause I’ve been very busy over the months because of camp, and exams and also my recent trip to America but let’s save that for another post.


So on May 11th (If I can recall properly XD) we left at around 6.30am approximately although we were supposed to leave earlier due to a technical fault on the coach. It was a pretty damn long ride, about an hour to reach Malaysia and another 3 hours to get to the ferry terminal to Tioman Islands in Malaysia. On the ferry, it will take another 2 hours to get to the Island. Lemme do a little intro on the Tioman Island. It is effectively a wildlife and nature sanctuary which is effectively nearly untouched by modern civilization. There are some bungalows and shops but it is not developed like any…

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You Know It’s True – The New Thing…


I agree but I was never (officially) a SF just an Origami Blogger…

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I feel like SFs are getting a bit depressed lonely, and overall, going down.  So I wanted to do something where SFs can really express their feelings and knowing that there is someone that has experienced the same thing can actually improve their emotional state.  I won’t start it unless many people agree, but I hope you would support this idea and share it to other people.  Thanks guys, and I’ll see you again.

~ Mega3Hero

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Which do you like better???? 

What is your favorite Star Wars movie, your favorite OY book, and your favorite character in Star Wars. Tell be below or wherever the comments section really is…😋