Don’t Hate The Slime!

​Hello random passerby? Drawn to me by my amazing vocabulary and even cooler face? No?

Click Me To Actually Play It, But I encourage you to read this first😀

Anywayz, today I’m here to talk to you about a game I made on Scratch, which is much better than any other game I have made on Scratch. It’s called ‘Dont Hate The Slime’ 

The main plot is you getting #MLGPROSHREKT360NOSCOPED by a slime who your RPG character randomly attacks to get EXP. The Slime is not very happy with this, and it turns out, he can turn into a much more challenging opponent than a simple slime made for grinding. So far, the game has three main sequences. 

1- You hit the slime, and there is a bit of dialogue.

2- The M-slime flips out, and fires LAZERS at you.

3- The M-slime, impressed with your intellectual abilities, gives you a much harder maze to do.

As of now, that’s it, and both of the attacks are pretty easy to stop. But it’s still pretty cool. I recommend reading the instructions on the side before you start though😀



Undertale Ep 3 – SO HARD! +Apologies

First off, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Just doing other stuffs.


Anyway, today I bring you my 3rd and penultimate (look it up, it means second to last) Undertale play-through.

So I fought Undyne, who was kinda hard to beat. I finally beat her and then went back to hand out with her. We did XTREME COOKING and then I left. I went to the hotlands, which is a hot place. I went to a lab and met a brilliant Dr. Alphys, Royal Scientist to King Asgore Dreemur. I met this robot that she created (Mettaton)and he almost killed me. I completed a series of puzzles with Alphys helping me all the way. Then I fought this spider lady, and on the 4th try I beat her.

Then I went to the Mettaton hotel and bought overpriced Mettaton Merch. I talked to Sans the Skeleton, and then I went to a building where I went to the end. I met Mettaton and fought him, and finally after about a hundred tries I beat him.

I moved up to the Castle, where I talked to Sans the Skeleton. He told me that I was doing great for not killing anyone. Then I met the KING!


To be continued….


Next Episode!!!



This game Undertale is awesome. Play it and tell me about it in the comments.


Bank Robbery (7th Grade)

Hey there.. here’s a rewritten version of what went out yesterday!

Once upon a time in the magical land of Borcraftia, there were two partners in crime, so notorious that when any law-enforcer heard their name, they shook in their boots. These particular two thieves were named Fred and George. Fred was the master manipulator, always plotting to get the most money out of each raid. George however, was actually a relatively nice guy, who was only helping Fred so he could feed his child, whose mother passed away many a year ago.

As they woke up on the bright and sunny morning of their biggest heist yet, Fred, being the jerk he is, thought to himself about stealing all the money for himself. While they were traveling on horseback to the largest bank in Borcraftia, Fred explained to George that he wanted him to distract the bank teller, by launching minor hacking attacks at the mainframe while Fred secretly used a diamond-tipped drill to get into the bank’s back. George began throwing the easy-to-stop attempts to get the money at the female bank-teller sitting 20 feet away from him, and they began to talk. 

Meanwhile, Fred had gotten into the Bank, and loaded as much as he could onto his debit card. He started to stroll out the hole he created when George (and the bank teller, whose name turned out to be Phoenix), strutted in, stopping him and calling the police.  

Fred and George were both sent to prison afterwards. George got 6 months, but Fred ended up with 20 years, as they discovered all the numerous other crimes he had commited on his own. A few months after George got out, he started dating Phoenix and they got married about a year later,  finally giving  George’s daughter a mom.

BTW, I could probably add a lot more details and SHOW not TELL you this, like I did for that Pokémon story. But I’m lazy so



LOTE: Warm Waterton

This is the town of Warm Waterton. Leave some feedback if you will. And maybe if you request a building I’ll put it in, because the town is a bit small ATM.

A small town you find by the Petriloa Mountain Range.

1- Nonu’s Barbershop, a marvelous place where you can cut and style your beautiful hair.

2- Mr. HoBo’s Junk Stand, where you can get some pretty cool random stuff.

3- Town Hall, pretty run of the mill. The mayor is sad that his wife left him to go work for Waltex in Capitol City.

4- A coming soon sign is over the door, but it is secretly a elf rebellion meeting place.

There are 3 houses. Mr. HoBo owns two of them, as he is extremely wealthy, after making millions selling junk to other rich people. 

1- Mr. HoBo’s first house, which he lives in with his nephew, Timmy.

2- Mr. HoBo’s second house, which is mostly full of junk that he hasn’t sold yet, or rare cheeses that he is aging.

3. The mayor and Nonu are roomates, as neither of them can afford Mr. HoBo’s steep rental rates on their own. 

Sorry if my writing skills aren’t the best



Bank Robbery (4th Grade)

I wrote this in 4th grade, so don’t judge too hard.

One day in the magical land of Borcraftia, two robbers were preparing for what they thought, would be the biggest Bank Robbery of the century. The first man, George, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could achieve great things with the unlimited wealth that they would have. The second man, Fred, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could make his friend trust him and then in the middle of the night sneak off with the money.

The next day both the thief’s walked up to the town bank of Ramingham. Fred, being the smartest, told George that one of them should distract the teller while the other man went into the safe. George stood beside the teller desk asking the lady stupid questions like, “Whats does the safe have in it?” and “Who runs the bank when it rains?” The teller was very nice so she didn’t mind telling the man all of his questions. 

Meanwhile, Fred was in the ventalation of the bank locating the safe room. “Hmm, I wonder if I could sneak of with the money before he even finds out I have it.” “Yes, i’ll take the money away from here and live a wealthy life without sharing it.”
Fred grabbed the loot out of the safe after blowing it with dynamite. He climbed out the small window in the teller’s office. “HA! I own this loot!” “I stole it myself from the safe!” A police officer was standing near and overheard. “The only thing you will own is a toothbrush.” “I’m taking you in!” The police officer dragged him down the street towards the jail. George months later asked the teller to marry him and they lived happily ever after. Except for Fred. He lived the rest of his life in prison.
That’s it, the next part (rewritten by me with slightly new story) will be out tomorrow.


The Feels.. 

Last night I was lookin around the blog for spelling mistakes. I looked in the Other Coolio Websites tab and clicked mrsjostudents. 

Which for those of you who don’t know, mrsjostudents is the blog I made for my 4th grade class 3 years ago. Most of the people in our class posted every once and a while, and those feels hit me so hard while I was reading stuff my old friends, old enemies, and even old me said. 

I even found some old stories I wrote that never got posted on here, so I’ll put it out later today as new content🙂

No, just kidding, I’m going to put it out there with a rewritten version, to see who is a better writer, 10 year old Riley, or 13 year old Riley. What do you think? You think I should get a life? OH YEA, WELL I THINK YOU SHO–




Hey you guys!

I’m still alive (surprisingly) and I thought I might as well post.

And I promised Riley I would Friday but it’s now Tuesday heh

Um… Let’s see..

I go to school with Riley and JamesBlonde123 again so that’s cool.

I’m done with the Cursed Child, have you read it yet it’S AMAZING????

I’m currently listening to Mardh Bum by Artic Monkeys but my favorite song right now is

drumroll please

I Need A Forest Fire by James Blake ft. Bon Iver. Liked. Obsessed. Subscribed.

Favorite lyric(s)in that particular song: I’m Saved by Nature/But it always forgets what I need/ I hope you’ll stop me before I build a wall around me/ We need a forest fire.

Later Skaters!


PlugPack Lineup So Far!

I’m doing this😀


Dumcheese is joining the series too now guys! If you look at the comments of the prologue you’ll see your behind-the-scenes conversation!

And I also got a text from colechicken saying they’ll be on.

So the Crazy Cousins Crew, plus Brandon and Dumcheese, will all be on the server! This is a good starting lineup so far guys.

All players will be opped, as promised by me, your main host.🙂

I’m super excited to be collaborating with all these wonderful people, on this multiplayer SMP on #AternosUnlimited.

No mods needed to play. Just have Minecraft PC up before 5PM Central Time Zone (6PM Eastern Time Zone). Please leave your usernames in the comments so I can whitelist you guys @colechicken @xer345 @brandon @dumcheese

– badatgaming130

IP: plugpack.aternos.me (Episode 1 starts at 5PM Central Time!)

Friends’ Links:

Brandon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_Bw6vZ0vdkRah9jjbxVZA
Riley: https://rileysbackpack.wordpress.com/
Cole: https://colechicken.wordpress.com/
Xer345: hehasnowebsite.lololol

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