So yesterday we had Battle of the Books. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a bunch of kids from each school reading 20 books, getting in school teams, and facing other school teams by answering questions about the books. So my team was me, Maz, Jaya, and Melody. The main prize is getting a limo ride to Ben and Jerrys, getting tons of ice cream, then back in the limo to your school.

Since we had so many people try out, we had two Litton teams, Jamie, Mitchell, Ella and Maddie were on 1, my team was on 2.

The competition takes place at the main public library. And they payed for breakfast! It was biscuits with ham, chicken, or eggs in em. The first rounds were Round Robin matches, which means it’s just to see who gets the most points, and we did great in them. Here’s a score counter according to my memory.

Match 1: 4-5 (Loss)

Match 2: 8-4

Match 3: 8-4

Match 4: 6-5

Match 5: 8-4

Match 6: 9-3

Match 7: 8-4

Match 8: 8-4

Match 9: 7-5

Our final score was 66, which was higher than John Early (who has won three years in a row now). We had the highest in our bracket, so we got to move on to the Elite Eight. Buuuuutt we lost in the first round of the championship  and so did Litton team 1 and its single elimination. We got beat by McMurray, who I immediately wanted to lose for the rest of the time. Their next match was against Meigs 2 ( the team we beat 6-5) And they beat the little kids on Meigs 2 ( they were all 5th graders). Then I didn’t like them even more, cause if we didn’t win I wanted Meigs 2 to win.

So it goes on to the final match John Early Vs. McMurray, and I was proud that the school I’m going to next year (John Early) beat the people who beat us.

And that would be the post.


The Perfect War!

Our Clash of Clans clan, polar cheese, is really doing awesome. We had a streak of 5 (but broke it :() but now we are on the rebound with a PERFECT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!


This was the one war I have chosen to opt out of, and it just shows how unlucky I am.  But our clan is doing awesome, and I can’t wait until we get a good war streak back. As you can see in Dum’s last post, we had a very special guest!


Stay Cheesy!


A Famous Clasher Joins Polar Cheese!!


So I’m just minding my own business, strolling around global, when I see a Titan, ZaiZoe! But he isn’t just a Titan. He owns more than 5 accounts. He owns multiple clans, such as MINI MAX SAVAGE and Savage Seven. He once pushed to Titans as a TH 7.

I got him to say Hi.






Status update time!!!


I am sitting at school with Riley, in the office, before school starts. We are both on electronic devices, and mildly bored because we can’t play royale on the internet and clash of clans is down for a maintenance break.



Inactivity and Recent Polls

First off, I want to apologize to captain_origami. I did not mean to be mean or publicly shame you. So yeah. Sorry,

Secondly, I am sorry I have been so inactive. I have had a lot of school work, saxophone lessons, and baseball games and I haven’t been able to post. Also, to address DumCheese, I am not leaving this blog (I plan to be here forever) and my other blog that I may start would be a side project.

On to the polls. I actually voted that I was not good xD. And one person thought I was ok, so that’s awesome!

I’ll try to be active, funny, and nice. And lastly, my plan for the Cheese Merch is delayed for a while. We won’t be doing it until anyone says they want to buy it😦.

And we are still looking for questions for me and Riley. For a very special surprise, go down to the comments, write your name (screen name is fine) email that you check, and a question for me and Riley. If you get these questions answered, you will get a real good prize.

So yeah!




Clash of Clans – The Unstoppable Clan

No. It isn’t brutus. It’s us!! We have won the last 5 wars in a row, and were still goin! I’m really nervous about this war were in now tho. Score is 12-28 were the 12. I have a plan to catch up but I don’t know if we can do it, cause it relies on me three staring my match.

This clan were facing is apparently a super hardcore war clan. They are a Level 2 (but don’t think they suck cause they don’t) called Alone clan who has never lost a war. They have won 8 with a streak of 8. And we have won 42 with a streak of 5..

So yea.



The Advantages of Video Games — Part 1

Today I’m here to talk about video games, their influence, and how they can develop your brain!

To  most, video games are viewed as a waste of time, but I am here to tell you otherwise. I’ll review every genre of games and how they can influence and help your mind. To start off, let’s go with the infamous fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and many, many more.

Some of the good things about fighting games, are that they are the way to get into other games. When coding, fighting games are some of the easiest things to do, (aside from extra features) and can help the creator figure out how they can make things happen. For gamers, fighting games induce adrenaline, make the players excited. Playing multiplayer fighting games with your siblings , friends, or even people around the world, helps to strengthen your reactions and can also create bonds.

Some of the bad things are that these games are almost always violent, and contain adult circumstances if you don’t watch out what games they are playing.

Next up on the table: Puzzle Games

Like 2048, Wordbubbles, and Flow, puzzle games are one of the major pillars of mobile gaming today. They have massive advantages, and only one thing can go wrong while playing puzzle games. When playing these, the difficulty will get harder and harder as you go on, inspiring neural reactions that can help your brain’s with problem solving in the real world. The literal only bad thing that comes with a puzzle game is the risk of addiction, which is a real and serious problem for kids who play games around the world.

I’ll continue this post on how video games can help you next week. Until then,




The Most Popular Post of ALL TIME!!

Today I am here to talk to you about the most popular post of all time, and no, it isn’t this one. This is actually really strange, because it’s an abandoned project from years ago. But apparently it is a post I have written that has amassed literally hundreds of views on its own, and pops up occasionally in my daily views. I give you,

Minecraft Total Drama Map!!!

So it’s a preview of a minecraft map that I made that was tagged:

Competitive Map, Cartoon Network, Minecraft, Total Drama

And that somehow amassed 371 views. That’s all for this edition of, ALL TIME!!

P. S. If any of these records are undermined i’ll make a new post!!


The ALL TIME!! Posts

So I’m making some posts with blog records on it. Like the longest post of all time, most popular post of all time, most liked post of all time, most talked about post of all time, AND MANY MORE!!



Advertisements for The Longest Post of ALL TIME!!

So I’m writing the longest post I have ever written about anything ever. And I can’t write it all so I need people to give me advertisements to random stuff! You can ask me to talk about their blog, cherry poptarts, anything! I need some follower-written stuff and some suggestions! And just say so if you wanna be featured! So please comment and send some stuff in and stuff and stuff and stuff.