I don’t know how to start this review, because this book is so different from everything else i’ve read. I can really feel Julian’s perspective and how he feels and how he thinks. The book is so well written that you feel that you are the main character. That you are viewing all of his problems, all of his feelings, all of his thoughts. The book also connects to me in ways I can’t describe in words, but if I tried it would sound something like this: “BEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

I know the noise is weird but it’s true.

Rating 10 Out Of 5 Stars

Placed Number 2 On My Best Books Ever Read List, Just Behind “How To Survive Middle School”

Twerp was written by Mark Goldblatt



I think that I left my iPod touch in your car Riley. Search the car, and then question Brendan and Searsha (I know I spelled it wrong). I wouldn’t be surprised if they took it and or hid it. Please get back to me by email, skype message, or reply on my post. REPEAT SEARCH AND QUESTION


REBLOGG this everywhere you can!!!!!!

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Calling all the SFs, calling all the SFs.

SuperFolders, Tom, I was thinking on my room, when the Fortune Wookiee fell on my bed. I looked it, and I remembered how Dwight and friends fought for their school trip, with the help of Origami Yoda, and the did it. Isn´t this something like that? The FMW (Fastest Man in the World) took out our Talkzone, Tom did what he could do, and the talkzone shutted down. Then, when everything was quiet, the talkzone came again, and the Troll shutted it. For EVER. People who was on the anti troll club fought, a group of SFs made a Talkzone blog, and its stooky, but, don´t you miss the contests? The games? Story time? Meet new SFs from other country (like me)? New SuperFolders have no idea of the Talkzone blog. SFs, we need to show Tom we can defeat the FMW…

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I’M COMING BACK! And Random Poems makes its debut! This is a MUST READ!

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Hey guys. I realized something: Over the last month or two, I’ve sorta lost my reputation as a great Star Wars origami folder… so I’m gonna have a lot of STAR WARS origami for you guys. Hope that clears it up that I CAN FOLD SW ORIGAMI LIKE A WIZARD. Or a boss. Use your imagination. XD I don’t usually do this, but action is needed, so REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! (I only said that once before. Once! XD)

Wow, I’m inspiring myself to make myself a king-like speech:

I, SFCammy, long-time SF, inventor of poll contests, and convincer of Zod to come back (though it was his decision in the end), also known as Mr. Origami Star Wars, SFCamster, and Cam, proudly proclaims SW origami as a priority… OK, I got carried away there. XD The thing is I’m gonna pick up some more SW origami!

And now, a NEW…

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How To Win On Your First Turn In Pokémon!

I know I don’t usually do this sort of stuff, but a couple of days ago I was reading the rulebook and I came across this loophole.

Make sure there are no Basic Pokémon in your deck, just energy, trainers, and Stage 1 and Stage 2s.

Now every time your hand has no Basic Pokémon, you opponent will draw an extra two cards. Mulligan (Or say you don’t have any basics [Cause you don’t]) until they have no deck to draw with and have a hand of 60. Then pass turn and they wont be able to draw so you’ll win!

I’m not sure if this is banned or not, I’m new to the whole “Pokémon” thing! So tell me in the comments if this is legit!