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I Had A Cool Dream! Or Maybe It Was A Weird Dream…

When I got to school, it all looked normal, peaceful, clear-skyed. The moment I got down thr stairs of the school though, there was a massive thunderstorm outside. I saw my social studies teacher and she said she had to leave because her and her mom were stuck in a hole. I didnt see how she was stuck but she ran off. Then my principal told everyone to go to the nearest teacher. Oh No! My nearest teacher was my homeroom teacher, the dreaded Ms. Russel! I walked glummly to her room but she told me and the other kids to sit down against the wall. After we sat, the principal announced that all my friends from my class would be teleported to my 4th Grade teacher’s room, in my elementary school. When we got there, all my friends from 4th Grade were there too. We were allowed to sit in whatever seat we want, so I sat down next to the window. Then, the girl I like sat across from me. When my friends teased her though, she got up and sat beside my friend Jett, who she likes.

Let’s pause for a moment and say some things.

Ms. Russel always leaves annoying music on in class and the radio came with us!

I felt very, very alive. Like, Avatar State alive.

Back To The Dream.

After she sat down next to Jett, some annoying music came on from Ms. Russel’s radio. But wait, was it annoying? It was real music(Foot Loose)! Everyone was singing the lyrics of Foot Loose while dancing the Twist! And I was too! At the end of the song, (Coolest part) where it goes “FOOT LOOSE!” I was on a rolly chair so I hit the wall and jumped over the entire class singing. But instead of singing the real “FOOT LOOSE!” I felt the urge to say “ALL I WANNA BE WITH IS YOUS!” while looking at the girl I liked while flying across the air. I landed perfectly and then the girl I like kissed me and then I woke up!!


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