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The Iron Boy Adventures: Chapter One: Books

Iron Boy was about to go into the publishing business and get his first book out into the world. But first, he needed to get past the maze that the evil authors created. He shot through the deserted hallways and finally got to the main office. The secretary glanced up and said, “Hello sir, can I help you?” Iron Boy immediately punched the old lady in the nose and her mask fell off. It was a him! “MWAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!” said The Editor, one of the evil authors. Iron Boy rocketed straight into him, knowing that his power was to change things. As soon as he could get up, the Editor started changing Iron Boy’s suit into a Pink Bunny Suit. “NUUU MY SUIT” yelled Iron Boy. So he rolled out and took The Editors Revising Pen, the source of his power. He changed the suit back into his suit and tied up The Editor. Right then, over the intercom of the large business, he heard the leader of the group, The Librarian, disclosing their location. Iron Boy deactivated his thrusters, hoping to get them from behind. He inched closer and closer to the office they had named, he jumped in and there was a fluffy bunny sitting in an otherwise plain room. “No! It’s A Trap!” Iron Boy frantically yelled as the multiple authors overwhelmed him from all directions. The last thing he remembered was The Librarian saying something about Cheese.

By the way, this was for school so don’t expect my best…


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