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Trouble with Titles and Types of Readers

For those of you who have thought, this one-word title stuff is the road to fame, I have recently discovered that there is a problem with one–word titles.

Although there probably wasn’t anyone who thought they were the road to fame..

Anyways, I’ve deduced that when you use one-word titles a lot, like I do, you usually end up with two drafts titled Stuff. So I’m going to try to add some variety to the stuff. So that was the intro to this long, tedious, boring Monday. I mean Monday post.


So, I’ve been thinking and I realized that there are three types of readers on this blog. We have the Loyals, who actually read long posts like these, the Speeders, who read those posts I do where its really just like 2 words and a picture, and the Spammers.

Now I have to say, the majority of you are probably Speeders, flying through your readers clicking like to everything you see. But we have some Loyal people who actually read every word that comes out of my brain. So today I have a poll for you, where I will see how many of you are actually reading this for the content, how many just like Dum Cheese *crickets*, and how many of you are here to leave weird comments below my posts.

So here


Just realized anyone still reading to this point is a loyal 0-0


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