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Summer Soccer

So as most of you know (hopefully) recently I have been getting into Soccer, or Football to everyone else who doesn’t live in America. Actually I have a theory on why Americans called Football “Soccer” when they moved here, and why they named it Football, but that’s a post for another time.

For about two months I’ve been messing around with the Soccer ball, training with it, improving my skills. But way before that, before all of my instant impulse to play Soccer at Litton and next year John Early, before that, was our random ball games that we played with our old, deflated soccer ball.

We would play a strange version of soccer, where one goal was our house, and they other was the line that separated grass from pavement. That ended up with a lot of yelling about almost breaking windows. But while we did that, we made teams. Me and Brendan were the Lightning Strikers, and Saoirse and my step-dad Paul were Total Eclipse. Our first match was explosive, and by that I mean literally hundreds of lost opportunities on me and Brendan’s side. Paul had played Soccer in Ireland (AKA Football), and he had a lot of friends who were REALLY good at Soccer, so Paul is much better than me and Brendan combined. But suffice the advantage, we managed to tie, 19-19 before it was time to go in.

So there’s the origin story. Time for my plans for the future!

I want to try and create a league of two-player teams, one goalie, one striker. Me and Brendan have perfected the Lightning Strikers, and we made Team T-Shirts today. Or I did. Brendan screwed his up, got mad, and drew all over it in black sharpie. But mine looks great! (I think) Here ya go:




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