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The Advantages of Video Games — Part 2

I’m back again to talk to you about video games, and the pros and cons of playing Strategy and Dancing games! Last time we talked about Fighting and Puzzle, so if you want to get to Part One, Click Here. If not the keep reading..

So first off, Strategy games, such as Clash of Clans, Civilization, and of course, the Bloons Tower Defense series! Strategy-type games are one of the biggest staples in gaming, with Clash of Clans having over twenty million players, and Civilization V once being the 3rd most played game on Steam. But what makes these games tick? There’s always one thing that connects them all. Economy. I know you were probably expecting something like cartoon-styled violence, but no, it’s actually the power of being able to control your own Economy that snags people most of the time. Who wouldn’t want to build thier own city? Who doesn’t want to match their amazing empire against others, to see who has the best, or the most of something. One of the great things about strategy games is that they are almost always multiplayer compatible, meaning you can play with your friends, great right? Sometime’s its not great.

The biggest PROBLEM in Strategy games is the all-too-real threat of addiction, and then (such as in Clash of Clans’s Gems), in-app purchases. That’s why you need to watch out for kids playing these games, because if they are playing on your phone connected to your Credit Card account, they could take out some serious cash, just to get some in-game items. For example, two kids in Canada bought 3000$ worth of gems with their mother’s card number.

Next up, Dancing Games!

Who hates to dance?

Nerd Me: I do! I do!

Shut up you..

Anyways, dancing games are one of the few genres that can literally have no negative dangers, or things to watch out for. Unless you put in your credit card number into your Wii, (and who on Earth is doing that), there’s ZERO chance your kids will buy anything. Dancing games are a great way to stay fit, and games like Just Dance also encourage you to learn the words to the songs. I’m pretty sure that’s going to help annoy people while riding in the car with the radio on. But other than possibly passing out from dancing exhaustion.

So that’s that for this post, next up, Shooters and RPGs.


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