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Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E1: LUCKY

So I’m back from playing my first half hour of my new blogging world on Minecraft Pocket Edition survival. 

Let me tell you though, I had a really hard time getting the world to work. Maybe it’s the new MCPE menus, maybe I’m an idiot, but the first time I made the world, it was creative, after I explicitly clicked survival,  second time I changed it to survival, and I spawned wo an inventory full of creative blocks, so it took me another couple minutes pouring all that into the luckily after that I figured out how to make it right, refreshed the world, and started this lovely episode.

Lettuce begin.

I spawn. At first I think I’m on an island (mind yells, SCORE) after a couple minutes of pottering about, I realize I’m just on a peninsula (mind yells, SHOOT). I grab the basics, including a furnace, crafting table, and some charcoal and start to mine down. 

But before I went, I took a selfie!

I’m mining down and I make a stone pickaxe and OH WOWZA I DISCOVER A CAVE 😀

I find it by listening to a skeletons bones rattling around. I get there and start to fit the skeleton, but I hear a creeper behind me, turn around to see the creeper expanding, and like a coward, I go into the menu and turn it to peaceful.

But hey, I mean what would you have done. I continue into the cave, finding this death trap waiting to happen

I continue on into the cave, but I make a handy arrow just in case I lose which way I came in.

So I keep going, make some iron stuff, and find a lava pool that will serve as an excellent easy option when I decide to go to the nether. But then AHA LOOK!!

I proceed to bild a little cobble bridge over, I mine the diamonds, and it’s three which is pretty good. After that I nerdpole up to find another cavish thing but it goes deeper down. I sprint through and find, 8 more diamonds!

I do that, but in the process activate one of the “death traps” mentioned earlier. I start to suffocate but luckily I had a shovel from earlier annoying gravel.

So I mine all that crap out and get the diamonds, which turns out to be 8 more! So in half an hour I managed to start with 21 iron and 11 diamonds. 

NEXT TIME ON Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival:

I plan to build a house on this pool of lava 🙂


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