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Making A Game

How do you make a game? Well the last thing you should do, is start with the soundtrack. Which I did. The game is called Land of The Elves and I already have most of the first level written. But here’s the hard part.


Getting Everything To Work.

Coming Up With A Name


I would copy and paste the story here from my phone, but for the first time in forever i’m on a computer, so yea. I’ll just give you a sneak peek. Two brothers discover a place under their bed’s during a bad storm,  because an Elf crawls outta there..

Yea. That’s the small first level story. I think I might have one brother kidnapped by elves halfway through to give the main character something to do. Also, all the pixel drawn people that Brendan and Saoirse made look weeeeeeeeeeeeird. I could use some help with how to actually transfer this into video game form, so if anyone knows any famous RPG maker people who work for free, tell me lol. Wait.. Brendan is flipping out demanding I remove that weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird sentence. Nope. It’s weird in a good way Brendan..

Like, how do I create a game with easy-to-use controls, a beautiful landscape, interesting and new characters, a quest that doesn’t get old after 20 minutes, and a good story, without knowing how to code, or, in that section, knowing anything about creating video games. Now i’m being cut off by my mom, who is saying I’ve been on the laptop for hours. Which isn’t true, but you have to pay attention to your parents cause they feed you..



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