Free Lunch

Free Lunch #1 w/ Riley

Hello there, today I’m going to be starting off a new series which is basically me sitting down with my phone and I’m not allowed stop writing for 5 minutes. I’m gonna start at 9:54.. it is still 9:53… Still…. GO

So yea, I’ve been really working on those LOTE Area 2 Details, but you guys won’t know ugh because all the juicy bits are (spoilered) out :D!

Gotta keep typing. But I never said I had to type fast 😉














I posted two new videos on my channel if you wanna check them out. It’s one of my favorite new games, You Have 10 Seconds! It’s basically a platformerish arcade thing where you have 10 seconds to reach the end of the level, which is a little white portal. There is parkour, spikes, double jump, and water :OOOOO and mg screening Keys Turner to Italia alain. That keeps happening, I just need to remove Italian from my language options. I’ve got a minute left, so hey, who misses all those badatgaming posts? I sure do. Wheres my UHC!!

That’s it for now, if you actually like this garbage spewing from my fingertips onto the screen, make sure to leave a like. Also send me something to complain/talk about next week!

P. S. Sorry for lack of spell check 😀

P. P. S This will go out every Friday at 8:00AM :DDD


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