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Free Lunch #2

​Heylo everybody!

Hello Dr. Nick!!

Anyways, today I’m here with the brand new, fresh off the printers Free Lunch #2. So if you don’t know the rules, I just have to type for 5 minutes without stopping.



So last night I went to Live On The Green, a nashvillian free concert program, where I saw The Record Company and (forgot). It was pretty cool. On the ride home, I got to turn on my music in the car, and my choice matched my shirt. Did I mention I was wearing my new Twenty-One Pilots shirt? Yea it was cool. Also, James Blonde cancelled Wild Card Thursday for unknown reason. So go gripe at him in the comments of his most recent post. Yea I’m only 3 minutes in -_-

Continuing, tommorow I’m going to be putting out a new YT video, not sure of what It will be though, as I’m bad at brainstorming. While I have a minute left, let me take a moment to speak directly to OY30. I totally write better than I wrote when I was in 4th grade.. ILL PROVE IT..

As OY30 lost his grip on the slick metal ledge of Cheese Tower,  he began to plummet downwards, into THE LAND OF THE HATERRRRRSSSSS. DumCheese, laughing maniacally, went back into the dimly light hallway, waiting for power to come back on after the dramatic storm.

The End. My 5 minutes are up. Thanks for reading. OY30 feel free to burn in the comments 🙂


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