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Fallen – Minecraft Adventure Map

Hello there ya majestical bears, today I’m going to be talking to you about a new minecraft adventure map I’m making.

As you may remember, my computer became unusable about a year ago after I got a bunch of viruses due to a bad file. About two weeks ago, I restored it to factory defaults, so now it’s spiff ‘n span for video games! As you most likely already know if you read my posts regularly, I already have a few games on my computer (Undertale, Comedy Quest, Heroes Must Die, ect). And I decided to redownload Minecraft just so I could play Plug Pack with these guys. I was inspired to make an adventure map, because I haven’t in a really, really, really, reaaaallllllllly, long time. You can view the project HERE but you can also just stay on this page and read.

The premise is of an explorer who accidentally falls down a trap, and wakes up in the Kingdom of Rudd, an underground community, full of puzzles and funnyish thoughts. Also, just so you should know, it’s very inspired by Undertale, as that game effected me a lot. The map isn’t available for download yet, and to give you an idea of how much has been done at FIFTY-FIVE percent done, here’s a picture..

So many hours in those command blocks..
So many hours in those command blocks..

Ridiculous, I know. I’ve already worked about 4 hours on it over the last 5 or 6 days, and I plan on making the map about a 30-45 minute complete play-through.

One of the unique things that is making it take so long is the multiple endings, which makes everything very confusing. I plan on having 5 different ends by the time I’m done, and I’m taking suggestions for any NPCs you want in the map 😀


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