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Undertale Ep. #5 – Omega Flowey

Hello determination filled humans. Today, I will be bringing you my penultimate Undertale play through. Google it. It means second to last.
I beat the King Asgore, and spared him, but little old flowey came along and shot some friendliness pellets at him. He took the 6 human souls, and became ultra powerful. 
He became…. Omega flowey!!!
I fought him, and died 17 times in the process. He had crazy plant related attacks, and attacked me with all of the souls he had.
Then, Riley told me that you had to press enter when you saw the act button. That made things a lot easier, and I beat him first try after I knew this.

Then, I spared him. After a while of sparing him, he finally ran away. 
Then I got a phone call from Sans 
who explained how the underground was. then, flowey offered to let me go back in time and do more stuff. I accepted, and began anew.
I started off right before the asgore fight, and I delivered a love letter for Undyne to Alphys. 
Alphys thought I gave it to her then I started dating her.We had fun, and Papyrus started helping Alphys on being positive and stuff. I wasn’t recording at this time, so I don’t have much info on this :|.
I forgot to mention that we dated at the dump. Papyrus called and told me training went well, and to go to Alphys lab.
I went, and found a note telling me to go in the elevator to learn the truth.

Continued next Saturday…
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