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The World Without Dum Cheese

Hello people, today I actually have a sort-of entertaining post for you. Or at least in my opinion.

Recently I have been contemplating what the world might be like if when I was 8, I had never walked to my desk and created the yellow square that has evolved to become the comic character we all know and well, yeah. I don’t think anyone LOVES Dum Cheese. Let’s start looking at the consequences in my life of what had happened before we look at the larger scope of the world, and the near-apocalyptic effects that would ensue.

DumCheese, dumcheese, or Dum Cheese has literally been every username for anything I do online. Evidence of such is that this post is written by dumcheese. My Minecraft username is DumCheese, and so is my Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, my email has dumcheese in it, but i’m not going to give my email away here because that’s a good way to get spammed. Not to mention this blog was only created because I wanted to show everyone my crappy MS paint pictures of Dum Cheese. So you wouldn’t even be here.

My life would be drastically different, and I would probably be really boring without a way to write down stuff for the world. Without creating Dum, I wouldn’t have ever made a blog. Or maybe if I did it would be some boring blog. Like this one. But we aren’t here to make fun of my past endeavors are we?

Let’s just use this nifty cheestal ball I found in my fridge to take a gander into the future, and see what kind of a world we would have without Dum.

Now if I had never created Dum Cheese, I never would have started drawing at all, so I wouldn’t have won that art contest in fourth grade. If I hadn’t won the art contest, I wouldn’t have had enough confidence to tell the girl I liked that I liked her. If I hadn’t done that, I would have become even MORE of an introvert, and I wouldn’t have gone to Isaac Litton Middle School, which is a pretty social place, but would have followed my friend Seth to Meigs Middle School. Once at Meigs, I would have made a major scientific breakthrough with Seth, and we would have become some of the richest kids in the world. And more than 75% of that money would have gone towards charities to help the poor and unprivileged.

It looks like it would have been better if Dum had never been created.. now let me go back in time to fix that 😀



11 thoughts on “The World Without Dum Cheese

    1. It was the Batman building from Nashville’s downtown helping to pick up garbage and recycle with a caption that said, Even the Batman building is helping, Recycle!


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