How To Get The Fastest Checkmate In Chess

Hello there you beepboops, I know I haven’t ever posted a Chess thing, but I thought why not! If you like Chess, great, if not, then don’t read the post. Duh.

Congratulations, you made it past the intro! Today, as the title suggests, I’ll be showing you how to get the fastest checkmate possible.

There’s the board we’ll be using.

Step 1:

White needs to move it’s Light Bishop’s pawn up two, and black moving it’s King’s Pawn down one.

Step 2:

White moves it’s Knight’s Pawn up two, and Black moves it’s Queen to H4, finishing the game. 

Yeah I would say I hope this helped someone but this has no practical use, as someone would have to be really bad at chess to fall for that.

Anyways, thanks for reading :3



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