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This has a punk rockish tune with a slow part and a rap 😀

I miss my life with Wi-Fi 

Ever since December, Sixth Grade
I’ll really have to try
To get this song done and made

The boredom’s sometimes enveloping
And sadly fooor me,
Google Fiber’s still in developing

*musical stuff*

The nothing manifests itself
In a form that I can’t see
Silent but prodding
It pushes us towards our destiny
Some think it’s asiety
Some think it’s insanity
I think it’s CREATIVITY!

Now back to the chorus

I miss my life with Wi-Fi
Ever since December, Sixth Grade
I’ll really have to try
To get this song done and made

I know this song is full of crambo’s
That means inferior rhyme oh’ s
I stare at my old modem
Hoping it will flick to life
But when nothing happens
I get bored and write this song!!

*musical stuff*

I miss my life with Wi-Fi
With a hole in my heart

It was Decemeber, Sixth Grade
When Clear said oh ah wow I’m out

My Wi-Fi was wike a woyal dog

Sorry for the cheap alliteration
I just needed to fit a bunch of figurative figuration into this bad rap situation where I continue to talk fast even though I have nothing to say but hey, how you doing today. Today’s a fresh start, out of the way of all the problems of yesterday, like losing my Wi-Fi. Without it, I can still read and write and talk with all my might, about the light and how I will continue to fight the boredom with my silent energy. Called creativity.
The energy helps me to tell you this.


I miss my life with Wi-Fi
Ever since December, Sixth Grade
I’ll really have to try
To get this song done and made

If you didn’t know
I’ll tell you now
The secret to creativity is down low
Behind your router
There’s an outlet
With your lifeline plugged in

Once the plug is pulled
See how long you last
Before your singin’
And dancin’ along

I miss my life with Wi-Fi
Sometimes saying that is a lie
Sure I’d like it back
But losing it helped me get on trACK!

Hehehhee it’s horrible I know. I had to write this for my 7th grade English class (just like L.O.V.E.) using poetic figurative language skills.



3 thoughts on “Hi-Fi

  1. I’ve got nothing to do do, i’m just hangin around, since I’m not really moving, so I don’t make a sound. It’s so hard to get noticed, but what is it worth, just talking to people who think you’re the worst. I’d rather just sit at my desk with my art, my pencils are closer than you to my heart. I doodle and squiggle my feelings away, or something like that, I don’t have much to say. Don’t think I’m anti social because of what I say, it doesn’t mean that much to me anyway, just wanted to join you in your project, hope you get an “A”, until we talk next.
    I know my grammer was horrible, seriously, but I was just bored and I though your song thingy was cool. 🙂

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