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Advertisement Re-Advisement

So as you may have heard, riley and I are writing a bunch of songs. Some comedy, so serious, and some just fun. So Here is one I just wrote called Advertisement Re-advisement about how much I hate ads. Hope you enjoy!

Also, our site has been getting a lot of traffic and I wanna say thank you! With this luck we will surpass our best year of views; 2014.

*knock on wood* 

Anyways back to the song

Advertisment Re-advisement


We gather here today to discuss a topic that troubles us all

An issue that occurs whenever we watch football

Advertisments plague us daily

From orange juice to a new ukulele

Everything they want us-to buy

We don’t expect perfection

But we certainly need correction

Cause some of these ads-just make no sense

For instance

They want us to buy pizza thats hot

So they fly a spaceship across time and space, why not

To get our fill of vitamin c

They plead

‘Please buy our powder

To give you extra power’, good grief

The ads are sometimes totally zany and there are so many that i’ll go crazy

so we need a solution today

Because advertisments annoy us all the way

With movie stars and serene pathways

That somehow become a chevy commercial

Instrumental stuff


Halftime hits and we go for dip, we got guacamole and some nice corn chips

We settle back in to watch the program but all we see are solutions to paper jams

The game is really heatin up

Will it be the broncos or falcons who take home the cup

The snap is clean the throw is good

But an ad comes on to stain treat wooooooood

Instrumental stuff

We all know that ads are how you stay in business

But right now all we need to do, is end this


Advertisements plague us constantly

With guests like rob lowe and sean connery

So we need some advertisement re-advisement now

Yes we need some advertisement re-advisement now

Yes we need some advertisement, re-advisement NOW

Thank you so much for reading, and as I always say:

A dollar isn’t worth ten dimes, ten dimes are worth a dollar


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