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An introspective LAY #3

Hello and welcome to my humble abode!

Inner Cynical Jamie: Humble abode? What a freakish way to start the LAY.

I thought humble abode was a nice homey way to introduce new or returning readers to my post. 

Inner Cynical Jamie: Well it sounds weird, and you are neglecting your math homework. You are never going to succeed.

Wow. Am I really that mean?

Whole word: YES!

Fine. I’ll just change the intro.

Hello and welcome to another adventure in Life and You!

Inner Cynical Jamie: Adventure? So wei-


This has been so weird so far.


In case you haven’t read a LAY before, it’s basically me ripping off TAT by OY30.

But it has a different 3-letter acronym, so he can’t sue us!


What every the case I’ll answer questions/ requests from you and share about my life.

But I was reading the comments from the last one and NOBODY asked a question.

So I’ll just talk about me.

My life is going pretty well. School is fine, and my podcast is encountering more obstacles. But we’ve got it, so don’t worry!

Maz just posted a picture of her chalkboard and it reminded me that I want a long-board. So that’s that.

I have a Yoda clock I put on my desk and it looks so cool!

The featured cool stuff for the week.

This week it is..

It’s a great book called Twerp. I highly recommend it.

And that’s it!

I’m begging you to comment something. Anything.

And as I always say:

Coffee doesn’t stunt your growth, it’s a myth.


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