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Hello There You Contest

Hello there you……..

Help! I’ve run out of hello there you’s!

So, I’ve decided to make a sort of contest thing, only every single entree will be used in a future post!


-Appropriate  (I think there might be some kids reading this blog?? Just in case)

-One or two words (adjectives don’t count as words)

-Must be submitted by next week!

Just leave a comment down below with as many entrees as you want and they’ll be used!

In the posts, I’ll include a link to whoever commented the entree’s blog!

I hope to have at least 5 or 6 entrees by next week, so don’t forget to post a comment, even if it’s super weird and you’re just making it up as you type.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post even though it was pretty short :3



46 thoughts on “Hello There You Contest

  1. Here are my submissions. When my podcast is ready you can link to that website.

    1) Hello there you important videos.
    2)Hello there you card-carrying diplomats.
    3) Hello there you mathmagicians.
    4)Hello there you nonlinear equations.

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  2. ((each line is a suggestion))

    Hello there, you pulchritudinous lizard children.
    Hello there, you beautiful pieces of macaroni.
    Hello there, you troubled gingerbread cookies.
    Hi. My name is [ ].
    Hello there, you spooky scary skeletons.
    Hello there, you layers of mayonnaise.
    Hello there. Here I come. I am cinnamon.
    Hello there, you extraterrestrial pieces of toast.
    Hello there, you anonymous pumpkin dances.

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  3. I’d make a pun about the Lamp video “lighting up my day” but I’ve used that too many times already. However, I greatly enjoy the YouTube ReRyan videos.

    The urge to make a pun about it is quite yearrisistible… ((Since it’s a yearly thing… haha I’m hilarious…

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      1. I forgot about the “How To ___ Like” series! How to sing like your favorite artist was quite…


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      2. exterminetary, my dear watson. i one day hope to reach that level of pun where i can automatically think up of a pun irl… ((dalek pun eyyy… not exactly a robot, but a robot by definition…))

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      3. The Doctors get crazier as the number of regeneration grow higher… Also, Eleven to Twelve regen was a bit anti-clamatic. Not a big fan of Rose or Martha though. But Eleven is great. His companions are 11/10

        Truce is great right now. You?

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      4. back from doing things, like solving world hunger and defeating the Dark Lord ((and eating dinner)) so the time for read the fics starts now.

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