13th Doctor Confirmed by BBC

Hello there you cookie cutter excuses for individuals! (Hello there submitted by Stacy)

Guess what? I figured out who the 13th Doctor is using an exclusive tip-off from BBC itself. And you’ll never guess the results. Once you see who it is, you’ll be devastated that you didn’t think of it earlier.

And the 13th Doctor is…


In this exclusive promo image released by BBC but only sent to me, you can clearly see Mario’s massive head stepping out of the Tardis.
Now that you know the big secret, feel free to think about how Luigi will play into all this. Companion? I think not. My prediction is that it will be revealed that Luigi is going to be the main villain for the new Doctor within the next few days.

Don’t kill me. It’s my first clickbait just to see what happens lol.



8 thoughts on “13th Doctor Confirmed by BBC

  1. Me: “please please please be eddie redmayne that would be awesome”
    Me: *scroll*
    Me: *scroll*
    Me: “there seems to have been a choice left out of this equation.”


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