*there’s a dimension of darkness where you are left in the confines of your mind which will either give you the strangest, most terrifying, unbelievably good things, or just nothing at all. It’s a nightly sanctuary, or just wasted time. You can’t decide*

I just realized how poetic my theatrical little section is today.

This week’s been kind of FANTTASTTICCCCCCC *jumps around like crazy, flailing my arms*

Seriously, it’s one of the crazily rare weeks where I’m happy for the whole duration of it. That basically never happens to me, but it did this time!

Because of ‘undisclosed reasons’ though, so I can’t actually say anything.

BUT: I have a bunch of random stuff to talk about because i’m fEeLiNg RanDoM and giddy and everything along those lines.

I’m suffering from a very messy bedhead at the moment! Not like you can actually tell, but that’s just life. Have you ever tried salt and vinegar chips with chocolate? It’s really good.

I just realized my totally adorable pitbull mix dog named Petey with a heart shaped spot on his side left his toy in my room, so I must go return it to him, because I’m a kind-hearted human.

What else is there to talk about besides smoothly transitioning from subjects that relate nothing to each other?


My music taste at the moment is filled with a plethora of romance songs for no reasons at all. For example, one that I really like that was released a week ago is “Love” by Lana Del Rey. How she sings the word ‘love’ is just so beautiful. I’m not the biggest fan of her voice, but I like “Love” and “Young and Beautiful”. She’s got the voice for romance.

On a completely different note, when you’re really angry, my go-to song for some reason which was the rockiest song I liked for a long time before I got into pop-rock music is “Got Dynamite” By Demi Lovato.

Nothing else to talk about!

Actually, I had said another thing, but I realized I probably shouldn’t have said it…so?

SAYONARA. Have wonderful lives, biscuits.

Stay happy, stay true, and keep that happiness with you.

That was real poetic.


*you were not expecting a post today. Really Weird Account unnerves you*


92 thoughts on “bedhead

      1. [apologizes and attempts to kick away the confetti] you’re welcome! i know how it feels. it’s awesome to finally have a good week after months of absolute crap, even if it’s one little thing. hope your next week is just as good!

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    1. I fall everywhere, so it’s dangerous for my health. My friends can tell you how much of a struggle the stairwell is at school xD And then you have the video of me in slow-motion falling off a stool several times, but the highlight being that I fell while doing a backflip because the stool threw me backwards!

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      1. I had a lot of embarrassing moments when I went to camp last year. When we were all tubing, I literally fell out like five times, and I ended up walking to the landing where it ended… That was probably my most embarrassing moment.

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      2. Mine was by far the video because it’s video proof of how clumsy I am! But once in class I forgot my folder, so I stood up to leave to get it when I fell straight forward, almost onto my face, but resulting in a huge bruise on my arm! xD Everybody laughed at me….I should be accustomed to that by now, though…

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      3. I laugh at myself while others laugh with me. I bet i’m pretty hilarious. It’s okay, I don’t mind, but being clumsy is a pain in the butt sometimes!

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      4. I remember having to do a swimming test at the YMCA. I tried twice two different years and I failed both times because I just can’t swim! One difference was that, in one YMCA thing, you had to do a test to swim in 5 feet, while the other one had 12 feet.

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      5. i guess you’re right. i wouldn’t suggest it to anyone suffering from suffering from chronic falling disorder, though. the number of times i have bruised my shins falling on wet ground/getting out of the pool/diving is sad

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      1. Yas!
        The humans who seem to be unable to walk straight!
        *attempts to clink your glass but falls over and spills your drink over me*

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      2. Hahah!
        *tries to pull myself up, but I knock my head on the table you knocked over, so i’m still on the floor*

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      3. i actually used that once when someone asked me why i walked weird. she told me to walk straighter. i told her that i couldn’t “ew, are you queer lmao” “yes”
        [apologizes many times over. the apologizing is getting tiring. i avoid the mess. i fall on top of it.]

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      4. *I just lay there, deciding that if I just don’t move then no other accidents will happen*
        Don’t apologize, fren! It happens to the best of us!
        Also, omg xD

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      5. *reaches for the door, but the door hates me and the world has it out for people like us. One of my shoelaces catches on a table and I fall into the door*

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      6. *gravity hates as we know it, so you trip on things you didn’t even know existed. Maybe you have invisible shoelaces, or shoelaces in a different dimension that you don’t see in this one*
        *I squirm on the floor to try to reach my phone until I realize that it flew out of my pocket and is across the room*

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