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Silhouette-Chapter One.

WARNING: My story, Silhouette, contains sensitive material in relation to mental illness and suicide in a dystopian universe. Take this into account if you choose to proceed. The following may be triggering to some viewers.


So my life’s been very uninteresting recently and i’m procrastinating on a very long schoolwork packet. That being said, that’s why i’m posting chapter one of a story that I wrote 4 months ago. I am very proud of what I have (only two chapters at the moment, but STILL). Make sure you have read the obnoxious bold warning at the beginning. This story is not happy. But, do let me know if you want chapter two!


Chapter One: Nightmare

She was once a kid, like us all. She smiled, too. She used to dance in her backyard for hours on end. She used to pretend she was protecting the fairies as she slashed bubbles. She used to want to fly, just to see the world. She used to be happy. She used to laugh.

All the sudden, she wasn’t so cheerful and nonchalant. She became more aware as she noticed her surroundings. With that, she didn’t just realize the things that made her happy. She realized the things that made her scared.

All of the sudden, she was sad. She felt misunderstood, and no matter how many times she’d try to tell it, it would say she didn’t know what she was talking about. ‘Maybe I overreact’ she wrote once, scribbled into a worn out leather journal that she kept at her house. ‘Maybe it’s right.’ 

To her, she had lost her need to live. She wasn’t needed nor loved, so why stay?

Many years later, she’d realize the warnings the fireflies sent to her. Many years later, she’d be long gone; just another name in the endless list.

Many years later, she would realize how much she meant to those surrounding her. But her chance was gone now.

She was gone but never forgotten. She never left her sister’s side, for she always stayed in her nightmares.

“Earthen, come out to play! We can build a snowman out here!”

Crown Hayze’s golden hair cascaded down halfway to her waist, and her hazel eyes shimmered in the falling snow. As she looked for pale-skinned, light-blue eyed sister, though, she realized that the house was completely quiet.

That wasn’t normal. Earthen was always there. She was home-schooled, just like Crown was. Earthen was always with Crown, except for now.

It was then that she realized Earthen’s window was wide open.

Curious but also concerned, Crown wandered into Earthen’s room. Things were unusually neat. Earthen’s things, like her worn leather notebook, were always strewn about, and her desk sitting right by the window would be covered with Polaroids and notes. Today, however, there was nothing. Everything was organized. The only thing that was gone was the notepad.
She must be just out in the living room with Mother, Crown thought, so she traveled down the winding corner to the room in the middle of the house, where a fire danced somewhat gracefully in the brick hearth.

Where Mother lay, however, with a book on vegetation in her lap, her hand holding down the page as the silky pink ribbon bookmark had fallen into the fire, Earthen was nowhere to be seen. Her notepad wasn’t on the side table, where she would normally sit and draw.

Getting more scared and concerned, Crown went back to Earthen’s room. Then she noticed a single page of the notebook, flapping in the wind. It was only held down by the very corner of a pocket mirror. It looked like it was intentionally put there to be blown off in the welcoming Winter breeze.
So, Crown went by and took the piece of paper carefully in her hands. This was not a drawing, she realized abruptly. These were words. Messy words, scrawled over the page as if the drawer didn’t care where each word went. The pencil lines were dark and shaky, and little dots where snowflakes must have fallen had formed no particular pattern on the page.

Crown knew that Earthen had always hated Winter. It felt too cold, despite the fact that’s not what the history of Alquerbridge, Alaska mean’t for it to be like. In Alquerbridge, Winter was the welcoming season. Fire was the symbol of the lone Alaskan city. It was left alone by the rest of the world, leaving the government of the Alquerbridge district to their own device. Fire was supposed to represent warmth of the heart, yet danger and warning. Dancing in the frequent snow was always encouraged, though. Alquerbridge kids always grew up a bit more independent, warm, but straightforward. It was law that each dwelling had to have a blazing hearth in the Winter, and sometimes in Autumn and early Spring too. Big bonfires were held to celebrate Winter coming, and parties were held before Alquerbridge citizens had to prepare to harvest the few vegetation they had there.

Earthen was different. She always thought Winter was too cold and too unforgiving. Each section of dwellings had a limit for how far you could go from your dwelling. Surrounding the little city, there was sprawling woods. Only one person had been known to have ventured a little bit too far out into the woods, and was supposedly killed by Winter for disrespecting it.
Earthen had gone just a little quiet over the past few weeks, and always insisted to wear gloves to cover her hands. Crown had her own duties though, but now she was properly concerned.

Then she saw Earthen-empty and hollow. Gone.

“Forgive me Crown, please. I didn’t know any better, I swear!”
Earthen appeared, but it wasn’t Earthen. It was like a shadow of her, where she had been. It scared Crown.

“Earthen? What’s up with you?”

Earthen began to weep, and ran to a nearby tree to climb up, away from the snow.

“I’m so sorry, Crown! I’m so sorry I did this! I’m so sorry!”

Her tears fell down to the ground below.
Still weeping, she threw off her signature grey gloves to reveal dozens and dozens of scars.

Crown stopped, her breath catching. “Earthen…?”
She still was weeping, and she was only weeping more and more. Her sobbing burst into rain, and the rain fell over the snow, falling onto Crown’s skin. It didn’t fall onto Earthen’s. She was
untouchable, like a ghost.

But then she stopped, and the rain did, too. It was dark. She fell off the tree, and looked up at Crown, her face somehow serene.

“I ran, Crown. I ran and ran until my legs couldn’t run anymore. I ran until Winter saw me. I ran until I thought I was safe.”
The tears started to come again, stinging her cheeks.

“But I was never safe, Crown! I was never safe! Nobody understood that! I tried to tell Winter, oh and how I tried Crown! I don’t praise it-it never helped me!”
She choked on her tears, allowing herself to fall into the now falling faster snow.

“So I ran until Winter finally gave me the one thing I ever wanted.”
Then she stopped talking, stopped crying, stopped moving. She sunk into the snow until Crown couldn’t see her anymore.

Soon, Crown was crying like Earthen.

She saw her only once more as she cried and cried. But she was just a wisp of air. She was empty.

She was gone.

WOW. I forgot how depressing this actually was, but hopefully ya like. Again, if you want chapter two, “Dissipate”, just comment.

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


(signing off at 1,279 words)


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    1. Why thank you! Then I’ll post it sometime 🙂 I never thought about it that way, but it could actually stand as a metaphor of Earthen revealing her hidden emotions. You don’t need to apologize even if you were.

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