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Silhouette-Chapter Two.

WARNING: My story, Silhouette, contains sensitive material in relation to mental illness and suicide in a dystopian universe. Take this into account if you choose to proceed. The following may be triggering to some viewers.

*eyyyyyyyy look who it ’tis. You want something inspirational or deep or motivational or thought-provoking? is that why you read my posts? that makes sense since mainly all I write about is either about pickle fridges or deep stuff. CREATIVE WORKS WITH VICTORIA PART 3*


So, as said in my previous post, ‘poison’, here I am with the requested chapter two.

My life still isn’t interesting, I don’t know what you were expecting of me.

Here ya go!


Chapter Two: Dissipate


About four hours have passed. Well, that’s all Crown slept. Every moment, she tossed and turned, and she felt like something was missing. Something was cold. Something just wasn’t quite right. Something was off in the air of the house. She well understood that the dwindling fire that normally was burning in the hearth would be out by now, representing the chill in the air. But that just didn’t seem to be the origin-the air was too cold, almost as if a ghost was present in the eerie chill.

“Yes, mom?”

Crown’s mother storms into her bedroom, a look of distress on her face. Sweat is pressing the stray hairs from her dark brown tight bun to her forehead, and her skin is blotchy.


Crown blinks, and then it hits her.

Oh, no…

Crown stands up, immediately wide awake. She pulls her golden hair aside and her vision starts to blacken around the edges. Her palms begin to sweat, and her heartbeat thunders throughout her body.

Oh, god, no…

She sprints as fast as she can to Earthen’s room right across the hall from her’s, only to realize the bed is neatly made, her things unusually neat, the notebook gone.

Oh god, please. 

Crown runs her hands through her hair, and then runs to the window. It was open.

Oh my god. No. Please. This is a nightmare. Just another nightmare. Oh my god, please.

Crown looks down, and pushes her nails as hard as she can into her arm.

Please, wake up. Crown, please. Wake up. 

She removes her hands from her arm, and pulls down on her nightgown. She reaches her hand towards her nose, and closes it. If she can still breathe, this isn’t real.

But she can breathe.

Her vision shadows, and she falls backwards into one of Earthen’s many bookcases. It was filled with her books on nature books, yet also Utopian book series that she and Crown would share.

The shadows hold Crown tight, and a pulsating numbness resonates through her veins until she feels nothing. Not the slightest pinprick, not the slightest of sounds. The world goes empty, and then she’s standing still…

“Crown, it’s Earthen.”
“Please answer.”
“This is real.”
“Crown, please.”
“Crown, it’s me.”
“That’s fine, then. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me. But you won’t ever. Again. Your vision will be replaced to destroy any memories of me. You will get a new sister. They will allow me to dissipate and fade away from you forever. They don’t want me up here, Crown. It’s like i’m trapped between dimensions.”
“I met Winter, too. I met it before I came up here.”
“That’s okay, Crown. Really. But you need to forget about me. They will kill you if you remember. They’ll be watching you, Crown. Alquerbridge is a cruel, cruel place. Winter is worshiped for being cold, and that’s not right. They are going to try and hurt you. Don’t try to follow me. You can’t die, too.”


Crown’s mother, and Earthen’s past guardian, stood by the heath in the living room, holding her hands out. The fire flicked off one final spark, and then it was just a helpless lump of charred wood. It wasn’t providing any more warmth. Her mother’s eyes were completely blank, not the slightest bit of emotion in them like Crown had seen before she passed out.

“Crown, sweetie, go back to bed. Mommy can’t tuck you in tonight.”
She spoke softly, melodic like a song, like she was speaking to baby Crown again.


Crown’s mother finally awakened from her dazed state, and she threw the firestone into the dead fireplace, sparking the wood again, throwing shades of orange and gold around their faces.

“While you were asleep, they found her. Just a bunch of bones now.”

Crown whirled around to look out the window, which was closed. Nighttime had fallen, and all the nighttime festivities were quiet tonight. Winter was expected to be hostile, as it had just froze a citizen, so for the safety of those of Alquerbridge, everyone would remain indoors. Those of Town Hall would be up late tonight, deciding the aftermath of Earthen Hayze’s mysterious death.

In all of Alquerbridge’s history, this had only happened once, but not in the way of suicide.
Cave East was a young man, reaching the time of his Report, which was something citizens of 30 would receive. If you had a child, you would receive your Report early. It decided your dwelling and whatnot.

Cave East was known to his neighbors and peers to be quite a cheery gentleman, but quiet mostly. He kept to himself, but he would always go to the nighttime festivities. Something about the night was known to scare him, especially in Winter. He was quite odd, but nobody thought anything of it.

However, one time the night festivities were cancelled, and this caused Cave distress. This was the first time this happened. He didn’t want to be in his house as it scared him so, so then he went to the library.

Once at the library, he searched for something that would explain his odd fear of darkness and cold, as well as being completely alone in a time like this. He wanted something that would make him happy and enlightened, so he went to the Utopian section. There, Cave found an old withered book on a Utopian universe named Sydisse. However, this man had thought that the ancient happy lands of Sydisse were real, and that he could reach them.

The stories, illustrated by an anonymous author from hundreds of years back, explained the life of Patrik De’kan, a citizen of Sydisse. His adventures in the one book told the grand history of Sydisse, it’s customs, it’s traditions, it’s teachings. But one line stood out to young Cave East. “They say thou who try to venture through cold and dread may find ye teleportation device, that bring whom to ancient Sydisse.”

Cave East had thought that, if he ventured through Winter itself, he would find Sydisse, but he was very wrong. He travelled as long as his withered body would allow, but he eventually was murdered in his troubled rest. He was found just mere hours later.

Though this happened, Earthen’s was a first. It was supposedly suicide, a crime and not honorary death.

Nobody had committed suicide in Alquerbridge. They saw no reason to, for it would leave family and others distressed and distraught, as someone would have chosen to commit suicide. Some of the Town Hall members believed that suicide was a good way to rid of the weak subjects, but nobody was as weak. Simply nobody even thought to understand why.

Crown knew that what Earthen had spoken her was probably true. She had been unable to speak in the odd vision, but how she wanted to. She wished there was something, anything-even a spell to bring Earthen back to life. But had she chosen to end her own life, that wasn’t possible, even by the most efficient healers who would be able to cure disease and whatnot. Once a healer managed to save a drowned citizen, but those were simply rumors, tales.

She knew Earthen’s frozen remains would be disposed almost immediately. Crown and her mother would see it only once more, and watch as it would be swallowed in a billowing bonfire.

She saw a simple glance of the body the one time she looked out the window.
Her hair was stick straight, in strings. Her skin was icy pale, and her frosty blue eyes were closed, of course. Crown watched helplessly as they approached the household.

“Crown and Dove Hayze?”

A young, burly man with thick, dark hair watched expectedly as Crown’s mother walked miserably to the creaky wooden door, and the man almost simply tossed Earthen into her slouched arms.

“4.5 minutes. Then we will perform the usual loss of memory procedure-it will only endure a walk to the Town Hall, and from there you shall be assisted to a room to remove your memories of Earthen.”

Crown had heard of the procedure only. It was supposedly only performed when loved ones die not honorably. One of their neighbors, Crown thought her name was Flower Chance, had passed, and her daughter who lived in the house had to have her memory of her mother removed. The daughter, River Chance, was never around anymore. She stopped playing. She knew something/someone messed with her head, but she couldn’t place a finger on what. She just tried to fend for herself now.

Regardless, Crown was dead terrified. She glanced up at her mother, whose eyes were downcast, and she only nodded.

The door closed, leaving Crown and her mother with the unresponsive body. Her mother just merely glanced down at her dead daughter, and she then walked away into her room down the hall, closing the door gently.

Crown stared at it, and as much as she didn’t want to look at it, she had to.

Then she felt something. A tingling, something trying to get into her consciousness.

“Crown, it’s okay. You’re immune to the procedures. But pretend like you had no idea I ever existed…if you even hint at it, well…they’re going to kill you. I only said what I did if you heard me in that nightmare because I wanted to try and get your attention and see if you would respond to me.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m scared Crown, but you’re likely more scared than me. This is the last time we will ever speak.”

“Crown, I never got to say this to you when I was alive, but goodbye…”

Crown felt Earthen hesitate briefly, and she already felt her sister fading from her consciousness.

“Crown, the doctor’s name will be Cloud Daiy. Her brother committed suicide, too. But nobody knows, because Alquerbridge will do anything to prevent anyone from thinking badly about this city. When Cloud will start to try the procedure on you, you must ask her if she can still speak to Youth Lost. She’s immune. She will know. Don’t let them inside.”

And with that, Earthen dissipated completely, and the burly man came back.

“Time to go.”

So, that’s the next chapter!

Unless I pick up writing this story again, then there probably won’t be another chapter for a while. Let me know if you want me to get off my lazy behind and write Chapter Three!


Have wonderful lives, biscuits, and feel free to comment some feedback.


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