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A cosmic LAY #12

Hello, and welcome back to Life and You, where I am running out of ways to explain Life and You.

So, I prepared a Haiku to explain to the new people what it is that I do here.


From hot tea to Pokemon

Answers questions too!

With that out of the way, let’s start with some questions!

Riley asks:

How long do you think each season of NABUR will be.

Well Riley, I think the short answer is go with the flow. Have conversations, play games, do fun stuff, and record it, and publish it to the internet. I think the episodes are a lot better when you are there also, and you might be in 1 out of every 2-4 episodes (episodes released every 2 weeks) so maybe throughout the summer, and then again throughout winter.

Victoria inquires:

What’s your favorite constellation/star/planet/astronomical thing and why?

Venus is probably my favorite star.

xD Seriously though, probably Orion’s Belt. Something about it is just very cool to me.

And that finishes off questions, if you want me to answer your question leave it in the comments 😀

I have an update on my poll from last week. Technically Other won, but one of the Others was Guitar so it wins with 3 votes!

And now about life.

On Saturday I had a bunch of people over and we played Mario! It was fun even though Victoria and Jordan caused significant property damage spilling drinks xD.

Then Riley stayed the night and we had fun, recorded a podcast, and it was a good weekend.

I listened to a lot of podcasts and music over the past week, and my friend Henry got a phone!

I guess that does it for this the 12th edition of LAY.

So my question I pose to you is, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time, like a hobby?

Cya real soon, and as I always say:

arrange in all different of hues


6 thoughts on “A cosmic LAY #12

      1. hmmm gonna have to disagree with you there. According to my wall, gourdy-blue is the answer, not nerdy-blue.
        Google it.


  1. I caused more damage than Jordan tbh xD and thanks for answering my question! My new question is:
    If you could go back in time for a day and see any historical event, what would you see?



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