Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale Miner Exclusive!!

For those of you who have the miner and just the miner.

This is the deck I have had most success with, and I started out with the log instead of arrows but arrows word very well so I’m keeping them.

And here is a fun one I have had moderate success with(granted my cards are under leveled).

The idea for this one is pretty simple, miner cycle and chip, then rocket to win!

And while testing this, I actually won this in the second battle I played!

Actually I got the miner from my first one so who knows..

I’m going to hold on to this and unlock it with some other awesome chests I win, so if you want a post on that let me know!

And I played a lavahound inferno dragon with heal and it was deadly, so if you want to see that again, comment.

Finally thank you for reading day 6 of pedim, where I am already hurting for post ideas. Also because Riley is a well liked genie he has double my views still :/

Tomorrow never knows, so expect anything (and by anything I mean the Truth post I didn’t write today), as as I chipped away yesterday:

*exclaimation* ! My  *noun* has *verb* onto my *family member*‘s *noun*!


17 thoughts on “Clash Royale Miner Exclusive!!

  1. Hey! I have all the cards in the game (I’ve been playing it for a while) and I just tried out your decks in a tournament. I’m a level 11, and I found these decks to be amazing and fun to use! Keep it up, and follow my blog for any advice on getting to Legendary Arena!

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