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Poetry Because I’m Bored



Poems don’t always have to rhyme

So this one doesn’t


Blog Posts


The Chemical formula for success

The easiest way to beat the best

You want to top all others in views

Well listen up, here’s the news

James Blonde has the key

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy


..Spam post


The Perfect Morning

Wake up right on time

Get ready..have a good day

Yeah right, in your dreams



Good Mythical Morning at 5 in the morning

Ryan Higa (mostly) weekly

Top 10 Videos, Hit a new all time low

BuzzFeed time, out of rhymes

School day wasted


In a world without politics..

Maybe those rich women-hating homophobes known as the entire Republican party will let us get some work done.

In a world without the 1st amendment..

I would get arrested for that joke.

In a world without sarcasm..

That would be hypocritical

In a world without parallel structure..

This wouldn’t be as profound



Go to the gym once

Believes he’s the next Mr. Universe


Panders to people

Gets views


Doesn’t use proper parallel structure

Challenges the form


The end of the post


A structured format

Comforts all of the readers

So let’s change it up





I can’t do it

I have to say as I always say

What I always say

When I always say it

Something random

Build the brand up

Why did you say brand up

You could’ve said fandom

Or even Miranda

What about Panda

Heck, try Hand up

But you went with brand up

So that’s the conclusion

Of my delusion


Comments below


Which poems your fav

It gives me more views

Like Flavor Flav

Wait a minute

Let’s get some delay

Critical Jamie

To save the day

He just rhymed fav

With flavor flav

Basically the same

I’m sick of this game

I’m out


9 thoughts on “Poetry Because I’m Bored

  1. i wanna be the very best
    like no one ever was
    to get the views is my real test
    to bathe in the applause

    rileys backpack

    i will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    teaching you to understand
    that your name has too many syllables rileys backpack does not fit in with the song change your name please also what rhymes with inside

    Liked by 1 person

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