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The Most Thrilling, Fashionably Late LAY – #16

Hey, remember when I said Life and You Friday?

Well that was a typo, a computer error, a ‘glitch’ as the kids call it.

Because today is clearly TUESDAY, not FRIDAY, so I apologize on my computers behalf.

Whatever the case, it’s LAY, LAY, LAY todAY so everyone yell HurrAY and go Cray-crAY rent Around the world in 80 DAYs on BlurAY.

Ok I’m done now.

Last LAY I asked the question “What ridiculous fears or beliefs do you have?”

bittersweetlyirrevocable says her fear of thunderstorms is really stupid but still lives on in her heart.

My thoughts:

Thunder storms (or thunder stroms as I have mis-typed it over and over again while writing this) are something that I never have any worry or fear about until it is happening.

When I hear there will be thunderstorms, I charge my phone, my computer, my portable battery, and wrap up tight to sleep. Low and behold 15 minutes later I’m cowering in the hallway willing the loud noises to stop.

So I understand you there, but try to listen to good music/ podcasts (like The Nerd and His Brother Podcast nerdandbrother.com new podcasts out now!) and drown out the storms that have an extremely minuscule percentage of hurting you.

Oh, and don’t shower in a thunderstorm.

If you follow all of these rules, then you should be perfectly fine!

Image result for personally stock image

A weird fear I had was roller coasters, but I think I’ve shaken that fear for at least the Disney tier of coasters.

EXAMPLE: At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, their biggest coaster is Expedition Everest.Image result for expedition everest

Basically you ride up a huge mountain,

Image result for expedition everest

encounter a Yeti,

Image result for expedition everest yeti gif

and chaos ensues.

Image result for expedition everest yeti gifImage result for expedition everestImage result for expedition everest

I was very scared of this ride, but we got on and as I went up the mountain, I started to be scared less, and when the thrills started coming, it was actually a pretty fun ride!

If you ever go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, make sure to try this ride and Pandora: World of Avatar on the other side of the park. Pandora just opened and it is so immersive. The lines for the rides are actually very long though, so I would recommend a) dedicating some time and b) running straight for Flight of Passage.

The point of this is, try it!

Except showering in thunderstorms, PLEASE don’t try that.

And now for some updates!

For my secondary post, the people have spoken and they want…

Blonde’s Choice Items!

My recommendations for items that YOU can use in your daily life.

That will be Friday, and I mean it this time!

My life is doing well, Pokemon Go especially. In my Pokemon Go post I will have TONS to talk about so look forward to that one in coming weeks.

If you want my Pokemon Go post next week, get this post to 5 likes. If you want my Music post next week, get this post to 10 likes!!

Also I just cleaned out my dresser and 3/4 of the clothes no longer fit so my brother will have enough hand-me-downs to last a life time (or 6 months at the rate he is growing).

Funny Things *Pop Culture Edition!*  :

Image result for keanu memeImage result for star wars meme

Image result for star wars memeImage result for doctor who memes

That concludes the LAY, but I do want to ask you how you have been spending your summer (or winter you southern hemispherers) break and what you are going to do!

I again will share some comments in the post of that and share my own stories!

And if you have any random question or statement (and I mean anything, I once dedicated a post to discovering the square root of my name) just leave it in the comments and it will make its way into the next LAY.

So I’ll catch you later and as I screamed my lungs out saying while spiraling backwards into the cavernous mountain that is Expedition Everest:



9 thoughts on “The Most Thrilling, Fashionably Late LAY – #16

  1. Had to repost this, the original one got deleted somehow? But it was still on my feed, so I copied and pasted it into a new post, posted, and changed author back to you.


  2. ok but like if there’s a lot of thunder and lightning i think:
    *holllyyyy crapp im gonna die im gonna die lightning is gonna strike by my window and shower glass on me im gonna die im gonna be electrocuted but wait then there will be a fire and i will lose all my belongings and oh no that would be
    but i live my life panicking so this thought is like all my thoughts tailored to the unique situation and given my ideas of the worst case scenarios



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