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LAY #17-‘This time, its graphical’

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Now that I’ve successfully made you feel like you have walked into your 1st day in 4th grade with the welcome graphic, it’s time to LAY in the grass and gaze at the clouds, it’s Life and You!!

In the last Life and You…

*insert ripple effects here*

I asked you what you have been doing or will do this summer! And winter also as I pointed out in the last post.

And I assume the lack of ANY RESPONSES ABOUT THAT AT ALL simply means that you are having to much fun jet skiing or skydiving or binge-watching season 4 of The West Wing..

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for me, I only really have one big thing left! I am going to this camp by Duke that’s about education. Now it seems boring from that horrible description but really you learn stuff about very interesting things. My class for example is Sherlock Holmes. I’ll learn about the character in writing and science!



Speaking of writing, my next post will be ‘music’ to your ears, and it will be Wednesday!

And now disjointed updates. It’s

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Ready. Set. Go.

Today I went to give my family’s old soda cans to a man who pays me $0.40 per pound. For the record, I got $6.

Also we went shopping and that was exactly as fun as you imagine it.

Recently I have started watching the office and let me just say

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I cannot wait to go to Alabama first weekend of August! Riley is gonna spend the night so that’ll be cool!

Also I have been focusing more on piano and lately more saxophone. I also want to learn guitar but since sax and piano are my primary instruments those will take priority.

How is your life?

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This has been Literally. My. Life!

Sorry for the short Life and You, but if you are disappointing you know what to do!

Comment your question or suggestion to me, and the answer I give will set you free!

I’m sorry I keep rhyming at the end of my post, by the end I kind of run out of, um,  what’s the word?

Oh right, ideas.

But in any case, here is the last LAY for your enjoyment!

Well you know the drill, I hope you enjoyed the post, and as I say sometimes when I’m really lonely:

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13 thoughts on “LAY #17-‘This time, its graphical’

  1. error 404
    the question “how is your life?”
    has summoned a depressing answer that is not to be shared with the world. Please try again later.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. literally. my life. is.
    beaches every single night
    messy buns and christmas lights

    i do not know the rest of the lyrics. i am doomed to a life of repeating these three lines.

    the office is good. started a month ago. i am now on season five.

    i made a sims town made up entirely of token lesbians at 3 am yesterday. woke up to a house only filled with couches. i do not remember doing this. i think i have seen a glimpse into my future.

    i went outside and saw a little girl trying to run away from a flock of angry pigeons. why they were angry, i don’t know, but i think i have seen another glimpse into my future.

    i found all my social studies final study guides and cried and then watched crash course for an hour to try and erase the guilt. it did not work. i shall be writing a letter to john green asking him to fix this.

    i have to finish redoing thirty six chinese lessons by august 12th and i cry some more. i am on lesson five.


    1. A couple of things lol.

      1. I started the office a week ago and I just started season 6 #priorities
      2. I prefer civilization but you do you.
      3. All I did for social studies was notes and brute memorization.

      Also your comment versus Riley’s xD.

      Yo, I’ll fo sho put this in a po(st) and sho the who(le) wo(rld)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1. very impressive. you are the master binge-watcher. i stopped to watch ((and rewatch)) attack on titan season two and grieve.

        2. clearly you haven’t been to my couch house or else you would change your mind.

        3. stop i’m getting war flashbacks

        yes i give his comment five stars out of four and a half -the new york times


  3. My life is awesome and really bad at the same time right now.
    It’s awesome because our wi-fi finally got fixed, and I’m going to see my friends soon.
    It’s really sucky as well because something REALLY bad happen to my friend’s family, and my elbow feels like hell rn


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