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A tasty, ‘ok’ LAY #18


Since it has been a while, its time to bake my signature cake!


1/3 part Life

1/3 part You

1/6 part James Blonde

1/12 part  Awesomeness

1/12 part Procrastination


Bake for 7 or 8 days and serve after cooled.


Next week we will teach you the icing!


I’m not going to lie, I started this post a long time ago but forgot about it. For example, summer break is more than halfway over and this post originally read ‘So life has been good, school is nearly out.’

Now school starts  in a little over a month -_-

But we are finally here! I couldn’t wait to post but I knew I had to space them out so not to disappoint, so this is a Special Saturday post. Last week you were asked simply how your life was.

riseofthechairs seems to have really been busy, and I’ll let her comment speak for itself.

literally. my life. is.
beaches every single night
messy buns and christmas lights

i do not know the rest of the lyrics. i am doomed to a life of repeating these three lines.

the office is good. started a month ago. i am now on season five.

i made a sims town made up entirely of token lesbians at 3 am yesterday. woke up to a house only filled with couches. i do not remember doing this. i think i have seen a glimpse into my future.

i went outside and saw a little girl trying to run away from a flock of angry pigeons. why they were angry, i don’t know, but i think i have seen another glimpse into my future.

i found all my social studies final study guides and cried and then watched crash course for an hour to try and erase the guilt. it did not work. i shall be writing a letter to john green asking him to fix this.

i have to finish redoing thirty six chinese lessons by august 12th and i cry some more. i am on lesson five.

As compared to the vastly superior comment by Dum Cheese.

Life is ok.

Thanks everyone who commented about their life, and today your question is

What is your favorite time of day (noon, afternoon,evening, midnight, morning, etc.) and why?

Comment it!

And now it is time for Image result for literally

Image result for my

Image result for life cereal

Life is practically the same as last week, but some things stand out.

I am nearly all the way packed for camp, so it has been the source of tons of excitement (and nervousness) recently.

Also an update on The Office, I was watching it in a room with the door open and my little brother could’ve heard it, so my office privileges have been taken until I run 30 minutes on the treadmill. So finally a real incentive, I’m going to try to run it later today!

Finally I have a haircut today and usually right before a haircut I realize that I don’t really need one, but this time I need my hair thinned out and cut a little bit, so cool beans.

This has been another screening of Literally. My. Life!

If you made it down here to the bottom of the  LML, prove it with the comment #LML!

So if you need any advice, crazy experiments, more knowledge, or just a daily dose of dumbness, comment your questions or concerns down below!

So before I go I want to share some awesomeness in the form of my favorite YouTuber creators Rhett and Link.

Image result for rhett and link

They keep creating new creative content in the form of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System, and their new channel This is Mythical.


Specifically this GMM is just one of the best new ones yet. It is great to see my two favorite Internetainers still going strong.

Also I am so excited for their new book and book tour, if you want to help me and other Nashvillians get Rhett and Link to stop by on the road, please just take 2 seconds to sign this petition.

So I think that’s all for this LAY, the last one is right here for your reading satisfaction.

Also as a treat for those of you still reading these increasingly long LAY, my next post is Tuesday and it will be WONDERful,  and then you have another post Thursday that might very well be DEFINING in your life. So look forward to those!

Like I sometimes mutter under my breath as the Disney World lines fill up 4 days after The Arrival:

What a lazily written book.



14 thoughts on “A tasty, ‘ok’ LAY #18

  1. I love nighttime and I’m the only person up in the house. All is quiet, all is peaceful. Also, nighttime is a prime songwriting time for me, and it’s lovely because everything is the perfect writing environment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. #lmlomc
    Like 5 in the morning (which is when i sometimes wake up) so i can literally do whatever I want because my mom is still sleeping and wont wake up for another 3 hours.
    Mostly this is spent playing video games without guilt

    Liked by 1 person

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