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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman – Review

Hello there you japanese balloon bombs. Today I have a pretty short review on a book I recently read, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. There are no huge spoilers in this post.

Neverwhere was certainly an interesting story. For a good time in the book, everything is normal for our main character, Richard. However, after he brings an injured girl he found on the sidewalk back to his apartment to help, everything changes.

Without giving away the plot, I can safely say that fans of fantasy, character development, and plot twists will enjoy this book. Brimming with descriptive words, the book really makes you feel like you are there, experiencing the scene unfold in front of you.

I rate this book 9/10, with the final point deducted simply because of the confusion throughout the whole book until it wraps up at the end. While sometimes the mystery can be a good thing, it just feels as if I was left in the dark for far too long.

That’s all for this tiny review. The book I read directly after Neverwhere, The Book Of Heroes by Miyuki Miyabe, was also amazing. Comment below if you want me to review that as well!



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