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Art is the light that makes the shadow possible

What’s behind the window?


38 thoughts on “Art is the light that makes the shadow possible

      1. im not.

        today we bring you the adventures of mr gulfbreezy from gulf breeze, florida: mr gulfbreezy kicked me from the alliance bc he thought i was inactive

        “sir we were just talking last night”

        love him

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      2. also he gave everyone in the alliance his number so he can verify whos real because this kid has been getting out of his way to make things hell for us

        seriously hes so strange he talks to himself in the state chat and changes his identity as he replies to himself im a little worried

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      3. I kinda feel bad for someone who’s old enough to give you advice on life to be that invested in the game. But on the other hand, I think it’s awesome for someone who’s old enough to give you advice on life to be able to have fun playing a phone game.

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      4. alrighto theres the second in command is a lady that now works in the military

        also shes ripped as hell so theres that

        not exactly levi but still i think that second one especially passed

        shes a very nice person ssc unlike levi

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      5. The real military? Or the game one I can’t tell. Using my brain I guess that everyone in that game is in some sort of military.. but still need confirmation xD

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      6. the real one lmao in her real job in her real life

        erwin is retired from the government working as a military contractor

        erwin’s brother works as a programmer in network security and he could probably find this oops

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      7. This information has benefited me greatly, thank you for sharing it with me.
        I’m going to bed so i’ll talk to you later I hope your mom gets there in time to help your aunt and you manage to find a time to sleep. Cya later.

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      8. its a game called mobile strike and i only got into it because of that bet i took on the kardashian game that i won haha you could get extra currency if you finished these offers and one of them was to get to level 15 of mobile strike which i still havent gotten to ssc but its fun

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