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Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley – A Review

(Due to either my idiocy or a mistake on WordPress’s end caused the entire review portion of my review posted earlier today to be deleted, so I have to rewrite the whole thing. Imagine how excited I am.)

Hello there you Death Note endings. Today, as you just read I will be writing this book review. Again.

I’m just going to go right into the review here, because I was going to be working on something else instead of putting time into this again.

I think this book is my favorite of the ones that I have reviewed recently so far. Without revealing too much of the plot, I can tell you this book is about a small town becoming popular, a brother gone missing, and a quest. I found the story to be compelling, the characters relatable and lifelike, and the bits of comedy mixed in there actually funny. I only have two problems with the book, the fact that it didn’t have an epilogue, when it was obviously the type of ending that needed an epilogue, and that the ending felt a little rushed. Addressing the first issue, if you read the book, you would understand that with the conclusion it presented, it needed an epilogue to wrap itself up. On the second, i’d say that almost the entire second half of the book is build-up to the end, with all the loose strings coming towards each other, but the ending was kind of jammed into the last few pages.

Overall, i’ll rate it 9/10.

yes, one day a book will not be rated 9/10

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112 thoughts on “Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley – A Review

      1. My 3rd grade teacher recommended The Giver to me and I read it then. I didn’t even find out there were more books until 6th grade, and I read them then. I always thought it would be cool as an rpg game too.

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      2. Nothing changed, I started wearing a longer than my shirt signature blue jacket to hide that I wasn’t tucking in my shirt and chuckled all evil Light like whenever some dude beside me got called out to tuck in his shirt.

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      3. Extremely late comment, but we have been reading Anthem for our reading homework for a few weeks. I finished it and thought it was pretty good. However, I like 1984 and Animal Farm much better than Anthem.

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      4. I thought it was kind of underwhelming. I finished it and was just like, ok next book. I hear The Fountainhead (also by her) was supposed to be better than Anthem, but also that it’s terrible at the same time. Have you read it?

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      5. never read it. i didnt like anthem too much, so i wasnt planning on reading any of her other books. it has a bit too perfect of a resolution, which might be why i dont like the giver as much as the rest of the series

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  1. I love this book! And it is so good to find people that like it as much as I did! I review it too if you would like to check it out and my blog ❤

    I agree with the ending… I just happened. I had to go back an read the ending again to make sure I got what I thought I got… I feel happy with the resolution<3 but could be less… Hurried I think.

    I would love and epilogue. it would have clear so many things and would have given me peace haha

    Thank you for sharing! Hope you like my review and my blog!! :3

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