how to: cure the school supply messiness epidemic


I know, one post after another…kind of unheard of for me!

But, I had something else that I’d like to talk about.

At around 10 PM last night, I got an unexpected burst of energy, and immediately took to all the Target bags in my room that I had been too lazy to touch before.

And what I had spent nearly 2 hours doing was organizing my entire backpack for school all from an impulse decision. School doesn’t start until Monday.

I’m kinda weird like that.

Actually, call me crazy, I love school supply shopping and getting things ready to go to school. (lemme know in the comments if you are the same way!)

There’s just something about starting a whole new year, getting whole new things…now that I really think about it in depth, I think it may be because i’m someone who likes the fresh start, clean slate feeling.

But wow, I didn’t just pick random folders and notebooks, I had a color theme, and a certain aesthetic. Literally all my school supplies (excluding the hole-puncher I got because i thought it was a stapler which was navy blue, my mini stapler that I will take which is teal, and my planner has some navy in it) are black and white with cool tumblr-esque designs, and it’s just pleasing to look all organized.

But then I know that every single thing I own will be a complete trashy mess by the end of the year, because I typically am a messy person, which contradicts the part of my attitude WHERE I LIKE TO ORGANIZE.

Also, since I’m a sentimental freak (oh my god, I will not throw anything away if it reminds me of a memory), I have kept all my binders and such SINCE 3RD GRADE. I mean, I don’t blame myself because it’s really entertaining to look at all my Warrior Cat/American Girl doll sketches when I was in 4th grade, or my ripped apart 5th grade binder that I attempted to decorate with fashion tape.

Every single year, I tell myself, “this is the year I will be organized.”

Then, laziness takes over me and I throw more than half the stuff that’s supposed to go in the binder INTO MY HOMEWORK FOLDER, CAUSING IT TO FALL APART ONLY A LITTLE BIT INTO THE YEAR.

But now, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and not use a fabric binder, and instead use a smaller, more convenient file organizer.

And I have an inkling that I will extremely regret it, BUT AT LEAST I CAN SAY THAT I REALLY TRIED.

I wish I could say everyone falls victim to the school supply messiness epidemic, but an awful lot of my friends have beautifully organized binders all year round so…

But those of you desperately trying to not be messy (like me!), these first steps may get you closer to being a little more organized when it comes to your school supplies.

  • Use a fabric binder. Trust me, these can’t fall apart from your messiness, and they will make your binder look more clean, even if it isn’t. They also have a shoulder strap and lots of room inside.
  • Make sure NOT TO KEEP YOUR HOMEWORK FOLDER CLOGGED, OR ANY OTHER FOLDER THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE OUT. If you have a habit of stuffing all your assignments that aren’t even homework most of the time into your homework folder, it may be helpful to carry separate folders for all subjects outside of your binder, so you can organize each assignment by subject.
  • Embrace it, I don’t know. At least have a paper and pencil on you if you decide to set your binder on fire mid-year.

Well, that’s my talk on school supplies. If you made it all the way down here through that mess of words, EVEN IF IT DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU, congratulations, you earn my respect slightly more.

See you sometime in your wonderful lives,









23 thoughts on “how to: cure the school supply messiness epidemic

  1. You should write a book on how to get ready for school lol.

    “Teenage Author Victoria hit the best-selling list with her book to prep kids for school.” XD

    Anyway, nice post, and good luck in the school year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! If it was a bestseller I’d automatically thank all the school students who bought it, knowing that they probably bought it to burn in a bonfire with old homework assignments out of pure denial that school starts soon.

      But thank you, lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Literally all my school outfits are black. I don’t care if that makes me seem unapproachable. It’s the art of self-expression…the art of the dying soul.

        wowz that sounds like a dark book

        Liked by 1 person

      2. it’s chill, thank you!

        And wow, you are lucky. I can’t wait to go high school…so I can wear my other black clothes!!

        or grey…forgive me of my sins, it’s such a tragedy

        Liked by 1 person

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