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Amateur Detectives and Memes-TIP Life #3

Hey guys. It’s TIP life time!

Waaaaaaay late I know. I explained all my decisions in the last LAY, so check that out here.

But anyways, flashback to last time on TIP.

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Jamie woke up late, but still managed to get to breakfast. He then found his button up, went to class, and had a relatively uneventful evening. We now find him talking about the next day..

I woke up more or less on time Tuesday, and went to class. Most of the first day was meeting my classmates and generally being awkward. However the next 4 days (the week) generally has more material.

So without further ado..

Class in Week One

As remembered by Jamie Watson

First of all my teacher introduced the class and had us swear our allegiance to the detectives code the curly locks of Blueberry Pumpkinpatch (Benedict Cumberbatch). After all of us were sworn in on the sharpened nose of Benadryl Cukecumberman

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we were divided up into the great agencies of detective work. The CIA, MI-6, NSA, and of course the U.S Forestry service. And I bet you’ll never guess which one I got.

Image result for us forestry service

We were the laughingstock of the groups just for our name, but I was actual okay with it because my great-grandfather was in the forestry. Shout out to you James Watson the First!

Anyways we played a really fun twist on 2 truths and a lie where you can interrogate the people. So if I said “I met the Rock,” you could ask “Where? How? When?”. This way it adds skill to the game. So after the entire class interrogated one person each group decided which one was the lie. If you were right your agency got a point, if you were wrong they didn’t.

I do not exaggerate when I say that my group was 8 points behind the agency in 3rd place by the end of it all. So now all the other groups have a legitimate way to laugh at us.

So agency points as I remembered:


Forestry: Last


But we learned about so many interesting things this week.

  • Edgar Allan Poe actually wrote the first amateur detective story and is considered the grandfather of amateur detective fiction
  • We examined different portrayals of Sherlock Holmes
  • We watched the Clue movie and examined that
  • We learned about New Historicism

The list goes on and on, but if you want to know more about anything just comment and I’ll answer.

The main project for this week was putting on our own play. We all worked together to write a murder mystery with audience interaction and a loose plot. I played Brad Whitford, the a friend of Sherlock Holmes that imposed on Watson’s position of best friend. Naturally Watson had to murder me after she murdered some other person for no reason. She then tried to murder ANOTHER of Sherlock’s friends but then she was stopped. I was being helpful and manning a concession stand at a soccer game when she shoved me in a freezer and I froze to death in 20 minutes. After that I was discovered by Emo Girl (her name in the script) and unceremoniously dragged out and never referenced again except for the conclusion. Guess I wasn’t actually that good a friend of Sherlock. However the line, “Why was he taking a nap in the freezer?’ became a meme for the entirety of camp. It’s even in our Term Book:

I wasn’t lying


And while reading Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ aloud one classmate read Orangutan

Image result for orangutan

But with emphasis on the ‘OTANG’. So she said Orang…….OTANG! And whenever we were reading and that word came up we would always say Orang…….OTANG. Ah, it was great.

But the true meme for our class is one blissfully useful word: ameliorate. A word that every student in my class knew backwards, forwards, and on their knuckles since the first week.

Allow me to explain. You see our Instructor Trent used a wonderful vocabulary that borrowed works from various generations and talked in a manner not unlike I imagine Plato did.

But one word he said a couple of times was ameliorate, and our class clung to it like and Orang….OTANG clings to a branch.

So yeah, amelioration was in the air that first week.

And next TIP Life I will have some amelioration photos for you all to see.

Outside of class, I made more friends in my RC group and we tried to do a movie night. However they couldn’t figure the sound system out so we just listened to the ‘acoustic edition’ of Big Hero 6.

That is all I remember for now, but next week on TIP Life we explore the weekend including a Lip-Sync battle, a prolonged dance, and a messy room.

Until then I just wanted to say:

TIP of the hat to you if you read this post!



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