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A short weekend.. TIP Life #4

Yeah yeah it’s Monday.. deal with it.

But here is a special announcement that may make it worth it.

Yes I used the powers of a bad iMovie to announce that the Nerd and His Brother will come out bi-weekly on Fridays, starting September 1st. Check out all of our other podcasts at nerdandbrother.com in the meantime. Back to the post.

Hello, and welcome to tip life. The series chronicling my adventures at Duke Tip summer studies this summer.

Previously on TIP Life..

Image result for ripple flashback gif

Jamie had class, learned about detective fiction, and the seeds for camp memes were planted in the ground. Now we find him waking up on Saturday morning..

I woke up on Saturday on time because we have a half day of class Saturday. To be honest I don’t remember much of that day of class but I’m pretty sure we watched CSI:LA. After lunch we went back to the dorms and hung out until…. *audible gasp* time for dinner. After dinner came….

The dance.

So many expectations… and all were disappointing. The first dance was in a convention hall on college campus with bad songs, no refreshments, and a NO PHONE policy. So yeah.

They played some decent songs at the end (namely American Pie) but other than that I just sat around for 2 hours.

Later we got to hang out for a pretty long time and play more Nintendo Switch, so the day left on a high note!

I fell asleep thinking about my victory over the haters with my sick dance moves….

But the REAL battle finally began on Sunday when we had TIP Sync, a Lip Sync completion. Our group was a cringe compilation of bad choreography and Hooked on A Feelin’. We all were kinda nervous for it but in the end nobody remembered our group’s because everyone else was really good.

I did make more friends as time progressed so there is a positive! Also on the weekends the dining hall had better food.

That concluded this short weekend TIP Life, but week two gets really good! So I’ll see you next Thursday for a mystery of a TIP Life.

So similarly to when I tripped and was late to breakfast:

For the record I vouched for us to Lip Sync Never Gonna Give You Up


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