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Candy!!!!!!!!! Fav Fiv #3

Sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously named this series Fav Fiv As in Fav Five days late.. sorry everyone!

Badaba! Welcome to Fav Fiv, the series where I rank things!

This week as suggested by Riley: Fav Fiv Candy Edition!

So lets start out with parameters. Classic candies only, no fancy chocolates or what have you. So here is my top 5 classic candies.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Image result for sour patch kids logo

Sour Patch Kids are everything I want in a snack. They are flavorful, tasty, sugary, and have a twist that makes it particularly different from everything else. That being said sour candies only go so far and these are no exception.





4. Air Head X-Tremes

Image result for airhead xtremes

Airheads never were that special for me (aside from the fact that at my baseball field they were only 25 cents and I could buy them for cheap regularly) But the X-Tremes were a staple of school carnivals and end of the year treats that I really enjoy. Basically a strip of sweet chewy airheads goodness. Mhmmmmmmmmmmmm…..


3. Kit-Kat

We all know Kit-Kat for their iconic jingle..

break me off a piece of thatImage result for break me off a piece of that andy office

office jokes aside Kit Kats are wafer-like, and chocolaty. I will claim right now that Kit-Kat by FAR has the best flavor variety.Image result for all kitkat flavors

my Aunt lives in London and she brings different flavors for Christmas sometimes. Personally I like Dark Chocolate Mint best but I haven’t tried anywhere near all of them so that’s not definite. But regardless of the flavor I really like these.

2. Reese’s

All Reese’s are fine by me. I don’t really care  as long as I get my dose of chocolate and peanut butter. I have tried a fair amount of their many products and I really like all of them.Image result for all reese's products

Note: No clue who this guy or this kid are , they just were in a picture of all Reese’s stuff and at the top of Google Images.

1.Junior Mints

Image result for junior mints

This might be a controversial decision as favorite candy, but my road to Junior Mints was winding as well. I used to hate them, but gradually I came around to them. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie without getting Junior Mints, and the reason is they are delicious. They have a bite of mint that is refreshing without being overwhelming, a rich chocolate taste that is always welcome to my taste buds. It was a tie between this one and York Peppermint Patties Image result for york peppermint patties

and I’m still not totally sure. But know these were all in there together.


So there is my ranking! Did you agree? Probably not because Snickers and M&Ms are a popular choice that I did not include. Comment your favorites and I will start featuring them in the next Fav Fiv. Also comment what Fav Fiv I should do next. Maybe one not involving food.

So you can listen to our podcast on SoundCloud here

and on Apple Podcasts and iTunes under The Nerd and his Brother. I would really appreciate your feedback for future podcasts and how you want us to move forward.

On that self-promotional note, thank you for reading and as I’m done saying:

break me off a piece of that fancy feast!




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