I love Star Wars

I was reminded of this fact when the first real trailer dropped for Star Wars Episode VIII.

This trailer has so much to examine with my newly acquired film knowledge (I went to a summer camp where we learned about the detective in film, novel, and in method) and it has been my YouTube obsession to learn everything I can about this trailer.

My father is with me on this and together we tried our hand at dissecting this trailer. My Mom, however, is against anything of this nature. Dissecting the trailers can lead to a spoiler experience on the watchers part (she claims) and so she avoids doing so.

Image result for the last jedi poster
if you look closely the shape of all the people make up a mask of Darth Vader. Google it, seriously.

I enjoy dissecting a trailer because I feel like I am making new discoveries and unraveling the thinking of the film-makers. But I don’t know which I like more. The worst part is because I’m on the fence I don’t want to waste a Star Wars movie testing whether going in blind will help. I’m stuck.

But on the plus side there’s an amazing looking Star Wars movie that comes out in 2 months so the hype train has left the station!

Which would you people prefer (perfectly poised pros if you ask me)? Leave your answers in the comments below, I’ll pick my favorites when ever I check.

Thanks for reading this miraculous post (because I never post, get it?), and as I said a couple of weeks ago:

It’s time for the posting…………… to end.Image result for luke its time for the jedi to end


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