november playlist.

~ chill station FM ~

power 106

b e g i n




mix: DONE WITCHU – clairo

L ‘ a m o u r – sadcanadianboy

rain on me – joji

will he – joji

i dont wanna waste my time – joji

my neighbor totoro // path of the wind (chillhop remix) – AekaSora

girl feat. clairo – james dean

sunflower – meltycanon

super market music – meltycanon

about a girl – meltycanon

thankful – meltycanon

(old compilation 4)

feel it out – yaeji

no jumper – meltycanon

drowsy- banes world (album)

you say i’m in love – banes world

Sales – EP (album)

Sales – LP (album)

Sober – Childish Gambino

The Palisades – Childish Gambino 

V. 3005 (Beach Picnic Version) – Childish Gambino

Solitude – Jinsang (album)

5:32PM – the deli

female energy – clairo 

butteryfly – lilbootycall

sailor moon – lilbootycall

gucci mane – lil peep

gucci gang – lil pump

Worldstar // Dial Up //  l. The Worst Guys // ll. Shadows // lll. Telegraph Avenue (“Oakland” by Lloyd) // lV. Sweatpants // 3005 // No Exit // Death By Numbers // l. Flight of the Navigator // lll. Urn // l. Pink Toes (feat. Jhene Aiko) // ll. Earth: The Oldest Computer // lll. Life: The Biggest Troll – Childish Gambino (because the internet)

all songs available on SoundCloud

playlist soon @mrbubbles (on soundcloud)



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