It’s Winter Break

I should have a bunch of time on my hands so I’ll write a post about what I’m doing over this glorious suspension of school.

December 15th-18th

Right after we got out of school (December 15th) we drove to Virginia for the weekend. Highlights of that trip include eating at my step-aunt and step-uncle in-law’s restaurant, playing 8-Ball on my phone with my cousin, the delicious food, and opening presents!

I got Super Mario Odyssey

Image result for super mario odyssey

which I would love to explore if I had a Nintendo Switch. If only there was a major holiday mere days away…

December 19th

Our family celebrated Hanukkah in our own non-religious way. We made latkes and played dreidel! We also read a book by the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events entitled The Latke That Couldn’t Stop Screaming.  Good fun.

December 20th

Present day. Today me and my brother lounged about the house and tonight we are going out to dinner for pasta. So exciting, I know.

December 23rd

(Maybe)Going to hangout with my friends at a place where they serve soda and ice cream and waffles, though almost everyone cancelled. I wonder why anyone would have plans that weekend…

December 24th

Christmas Eve! Our family tradition dictates on Christmas Eve we clean the house, go out to eat at Maggiano’s , bake cookies, read about one sentence of the Bible, open presents from family members, decorate the cookies for Santa, take our shiny new toys upstairs and (if you’re me) sit on our beds for 8 hours waiting to go downstairs before succumbing to a deep blissful sleep that is quickly interrupted by Eliot (my little brother) waking me to go get presents.

December 25th

I will go downstairs and get aforementioned presents delivered straight from the north pole. after a couple of moments spend dumping out my stocking out I’ll probably wrestle with my brother for control over the best present (fingers crossed that it’s a switch). We also are going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi which looks awesome!

December 26-January 9th

Video games, playing piano and guitar, and maybe hanging out with friends if I can put down the first two items on this list.


What are you doing for the holiday break? Lemme know in the comments!

And as I screamed when I found a used toothbrush under the tree on Christmas Day:





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