1 year!!

edit: hey, this is also my 50th post! how funny is that! 


i’m scheduling this post for tomorrow (it’s january 22nd at the time i’m writing this, because i’m sick from food poisoning and stayed home from school. i feel like death )

it’s 2018 now! in fact, 23 days into it. how has your 2018 been so far? let me know in the comments.

1 year ago today, i posted my first ever post on this blog, *insert inspiring welcoming title here that makes you want to click*.

my witty humor was very present here! wow, my life was different when i wrote it.

i have noticed when looking back at my posts from last year that the overwhelming majority of them are ridiculously depressing, and for that i apologize. i will try to keep those to a minimum.

if you read my posts last year, you rode a very tricky time with me, and if you kept reading, thanks!

i assure you that i am still very much so a klutz. trust me, i walk INTO doors and walls alike, so who knows, we may get another klutz chronicles post again at some point.

good freakin new music:

troye sivan // the good side

troye sivan // my my my!

eden // vertigo, full album

lophee // ‘please come back’ mix

i am finding myself not having any words to say so, as i said last year,


(an excerpt from week recap 1 day early, check it out. it’s honestly a work of art)

see you sometime in your wonderful lives,



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