i don’t even have a real life right now, a latte isn’t life (okay bud i do hahaha) futon GOD + tellin yall homies what homegirl been doing

“that’s just a little scary.”

how yall feelin ?

it’s jordan, jordón, jardon, jordana banana, and whatever other variation of my name.

let’s catch up, cause it’s been quite the while since i’ve done anything on this site aside from the post a couple days ago, which was literally just me putting zero effort into a post but making it seem like i was.

. . .

1. i had so much chinese food 3 days ago and lemme tell you, it was so good. i had me some lo mein and fried dumplings, and literally the best spring rolls on planet earth. gonna get me an iced latte with almond milk from dunkin’ donuts tomorrow morn and it’s gonna be great too. i’ve gotten lattes the past week.

2. so i have a new obsession with like,,,,,,,,so many things. my aesthetic has changed into a mixture of hippie, oriental, and vintage 1950’s, 1970’s, and 1990’s elements. my wardrobe has seen the change too, as i’m always called “90’s girl” at school and i have people left and right tellin me the 90’s was two thousand years ago. hollister? i don’t know her. goodwill, she my boo.

but my main obsession right now is geishas. for those of y’all who are unfamiliar with the geisha, a geisha is a japanese human art form where girls are sold into okiyas and schooled in shamisen, dancing, speech, and etiquette to become a geisha. geisha are the japanese women you may have seen at one point in your life who have elaborate hairstyles and wear beautiful embroidered kimono, with pale white faces and cherry red lips. i recently read the book “memoirs of a geisha,” which i 100% recommend because it changes your perspective on the geisha, and truly encapsulates the raw japanese culture. i loved it so much that i grew to love the geisha it detailed – all of them.

so, i am completely redecorating my room with geisha posters and am even getting a futon that these women slept on. i assembled the frame today. so far, i’ve got one cloth poster and plan to buy a fabric panel of three geisha by the riverside to sew in the middle of some beige fabric as a futon blanket, and some shoji blinds with two geisha on them. i’m super excited!!!

my room will soon be this 1930’s japanese hippie/vintage paradise !!!

i have been so inspired by geishas that i decided to do my own artwork featuring a geisha :

the two images above are a piece i did on a big sheet of watercolor paper, and was drawn off of the image below, which was drawn in my sketchbook.

3. i wanna be like clairo and release music that will get 1 mil spins on soundcloud and i’ll be a bedroom goddess. i make music now but it’s really bad and not cool at all. i just wanna be and authentic kinda lo-fi retro artist and make songs abt cute stuff that people will like. i’m trying y’all but i’m not making much progress. i got 31 plays on soundcloud tho and this one person really enjoys my music (cause they repost all my stuff and comment).

4. i got my algebra grade up to an A so homegirl isn’t average no more !!!

5. i had a band performance last wednesday or something, and it was a NIGHTMARE,,,,,,,,,,oh, and for those of you who don’t know, i am a drummer for my school’s jazz band, which, ngl, is really god. i started out playing my favorite song night in tunisia, jammin out – drummin’, doin my fills, and it went great. but then, i started to play la noche del burrito picante, my drum set started sliding away from me. because there was no initial friction between it and the stage floor (which is very slippery cause it’s glossy), it just decided “hey mans!! ima slide back and ruin ur solo,,,..,.have fun lov u not rly!!” so, i just okay if with my leg extended out as far as it could go, legit stamping my foot on the bass drum peddle, which overtime because loose and fell off a bit. but i still killed my solo, and people were clapping and one guy from the back eve went “wEeeeEeEeEeeeeee HoOoOOoOooOoOoO”

6. i did another painting.

on sale for $1000000000000000000

7. my hair is brown now !!!


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