pains of growing out the hairs

hey ! it’s mr. bubbles !!

i took a leave of absence while riley was inactive, but now he’s back with regular posting (i think), and so am i !

it’s currently 6:33 am and i’m on my jolly old way to school, so i decided what better to do than write a memoir about my stupid, slowly growing hair.

tbt to 10 months ago when i decided to chop off all of my hair and get a pixie cut, which was cute for two months and then i started looking like a little boy (still do tbh). now my hair is abt 3 centimeters above my shoulders and i no longer look like i have a bowl cut !!!

in these past 8 months i have been growing out my hair, i have used several hair styles to hide the fact that i look like a precocious little boy who says “mother, prepare my caviar.” let’s map out a timeline of those hairstyles.

1. The sideburn bowl cut (worst stage)

2. tiny palm tree lookin bun on top with hair pinned up in the back (bang bang from the flintstones)

3. *hair now halfway down neck* tiny & neat bun on top of head with bangs split down the middle, hair pinned in back (looked cute here)

4. half up, half down. short (i mean very short) bob with tiny bun pulled up on top. blonde hair at this point.

5. victorian look, tiny bun on back of head, little curly baby hairs in front of ears, fringe kept to the side (looked super cute here, still blonde)

6. old look, like jordan in 7th grade look — *hair down to shoulders, basically* — bun with bangs, hair now brown (best stage, current stage).

and there you have it, the ohmygoduaresouglyihatemyhair timeline !!

so, as you can see, my hair has been through quite a lot through the past 8 months, and now it has evened out (the top layers have grown the same length as bottom layers), i was finally able to do my favorite hairstyle of all time, my bun with bangs !! i still have to pin a small chunk of my hair up in the back though, and i don’t really mind it, as i now have a talent for perfectly placing bobby pins in the back of my head without looking, or a mirror.

and that concludes this memoir, and i will continue to take various hair supplements and biotin to speed up growth, and this memoir will be continued in about 4 months.

thank you for reading !!

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