Free Lunch

Free Lunch #70

Hello there you remind me of the rainy days. Today is Friday which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just type for five minutes about whatever I want to talk about. It seems like this is the only type of post I do these days, but I plan to release a book review sometime in the next month.

Since the last Free Lunch, I’ve gotten a bit more settled into my classes, and boy do I have some stuff to say! For the first time ever, I’m behind the class in Math (I had a very confusing teacher last year), so I really need to study on something like KhanAcademy. In Band, I am significantly worse than all the other Trumpets except for my friend who came with me from my middle school, and it feels weird going from like top 10 in the whole band program to one of the worst in my class. I haven’t had any particularly challenging work yet, but I’m trying to stay diligent and not fall behind on anything to prepare for whatever lies ahead. I’ve been going to the library after school every day to do my homework and play video games with my friends, which is pretty fun.

But here’s the fun part! Today my friend Iverson and I were walking around downtown, and we saw this guy singing old jazz songs with a microphone on a street corner (Fly Me to the Moon, What a Wonderful World). We both had our instruments, so we walked over and talked to him for a bit. I tried to play Trumpet along with his singing on Fly Me to the Moon, but I did really poorly so I stopped halfway through. However, Iverson took out his clarinet and we started playing a song we learned last year in band, “Park Street Celebration”.

And then someone actually left a five dollar bill in my trumpet case! I split it with Iverson, and the dude on the corner said that there were these two boys who were about my age who busked on street corners like that for a couple hours, and would pull in hundreds of dollars! This is the first time I’ve ever seen music as something you can make money like that so easily. I’ve never really thought of hobbies as careers unless you put some serious dedication into it, but thinking that I can be good at an instrument and make money without going to college or having connections is interesting.

I typed for about ten minutes instead of five, I hope that’s alright with all of you diehard Free Lunch fans.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this post!


3 thoughts on “Free Lunch #70

  1. If you think you’re having trouble with trumpet, by all means, do not attempt Haydn’s trumpet concertos (which give emphasis to a solo trumpet), and definitely not Shostakovich’s 1st Piano Concerto (which gives a big role to solo trumpet, only behind the piano)

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