Losing the Personal Plan Broke the Website

Hello there you comptrolling carts. Today I’m just here to talk to you about how WordPress messed up the blog after I didn’t pay for the personal plan again. I don’t usually complain on here, but these are pretty annoying.

When you search for Riley’s Backpack, the first thing that shows up to me is rileysbackpack.com, which when clicked leads to an error page. The second link is also broken, as well as the third. It was only the fourth link about halfway down the page (thanks to the images of backpacks) that lead to the website. I know WordPress says in the plan that it would promote your new domain on search engines, but why is it still maliciously promoting a blank page?

In posts when I would insert a link for you to click that leads to a post here, it would automatically make it a rileysbackpack.com address, which was fine when I owned rileysbackpack.com. Now I would need to go back and manually edit every single inserted link from the past two years for them to work again now.

I think it would be easy for WordPress to fix these issues, by just taking the wrong URL off of search engines, and replacing mention of the old URL with the new URL when membership expires.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading this post.


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