DHWP42 – Jazz Waltz [Re-Upload]

[Edit: For some reason the link on Soundcloud didn’t work, so here’s a reupload so you can actually hear the song. Thanks for listening!]

Hello there you pickled pickles. Today I have for you the song that you came up with last week. If you don’t remember, here’s a link. If you don’t feel like clicking a link today, I just put out a bunch of polls and asked for elements for a song. I got that the song should be jazzy, in 3/4, about 2 minutes long, and with Piano, Trumpet, and Alto Saxophone. The Alto Sax sound is really bad on Musescore, but I didn’t have the time nor resources to get a friend to play it for me.

If you have any suggestions or corrections, give some feedback in the comments!


7 thoughts on “DHWP42 – Jazz Waltz [Re-Upload]

      1. I don’t think it’s on Spotify. It’s really new as it was released this month…and it’s not by a specific artist, it’s sung by the voice actresses of the show so I don’t think it will be on spotify

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      2. Honestly I’ve heard that it’s really deep and good. But I can’t personally confirm yet because I haven’t watched it and there’s only like one or two episodes as the anime was released this month as well. But this is an anime that I’m considering to watch. (I don’t usually watch animes)

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