Free Lunch

Free Lunch #73

Hello there you subspace sine waves. Today is Sunday, which means this post is out a whole day later than it should’ve been. I just completely forgot to write this yesterday, sorry.

I’ve gotten a lot better at soloing on basic blues changes with my Trumpet, but I still need to work on some lines so it doesn’t all sound like random bloops that are in key. I’m going to be getting a pretty good microphone soon and I’ll be able to incorporate better sounding real instruments into my music. Up until now, I’ve just been using my terrible laptop microphone, but that changes soon!

Nothing too exciting has been going on in my life recently, just basically getting by and doing what I like to do. I have been generally happy with things. I enjoy practicing my instruments, being at school, and playing video games with my friends after school. I haven’t been working too much on my compositions recently aside from the jazz waltz that I made in a week (which was not particularly good). I’m going to try to work on them at least 2 hours every week in hopes of finishing a few of them sometime this year. I’ve been working on one of them for more than a year now…

In other news, an Undertale spinoff called Deltarune was released by Toby Fox. I played about the first hour of it, and I think it’s pretty good. The combat system mixes the bullet hell mechanic with that of a traditional RPG. Magic was added, as well as an improved menu. I like the music a lot, it’s typically on par with that of Undertale’s.

That’s all I have to say for today, thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this post!

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