Free Lunch

Free Lunch #74 (Christmas Edition)

Hola te gatos curiosos. Today is Tuesday, which means that it’s time for another Free Lunch! Did you miss me? If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just type for five minutes without stopping about whatever I want.

I figured I might as well post because it’s a Tuesday and I don’t have any other pressing issues to tend to. In the last two months, things have been going pretty well for me! I’m going to release a neat electronic song this Friday and I’m working on a new vocal song as well! I also started playing Clash of Clans again, so feel free to join my clan (Polar Cheese).

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks hence the lack of posts. I had my midterms, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, and I needed desperately to prepare for my jazz concert. Speaking of which, I didn’t mess up my solos too badly, so it turned out pretty nice. I was really nervous about it but I practiced A LOT so I was able to mix improvisation and previously played licks. I think I have a video of half of one of the solos, so comment if you’d like to see it.

For Christmas, I got some neat stuff. I received two pairs of socks with cool designs, a CD of one of my favorite albums (Little Dark Age by MGMT), and an interesting book called The Beatles Anthology, among other stuff.

Something that has me kinda shook is that I turn 16 in about 6 months. That means I’ll be old enough to drive here in the US! Time is starting to just fly by, I still feel like a kid. I guess I can’t do anything about it though.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this post, I appreciate it!

Merry Christmas, see ya on Friday!


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