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We are so close to reaching our GoFundMe goal for the Nerd and Brother podcast.! We just need 20 more dollars so that we can continue posting our podcast on SoundCloud.  Thanks to everyone who has donated and I hope that a few more people do so we can keep spreading the NABUR love!


gofundme.com/nabur   !!!!


New Podcast




New Nerd and Brother! If you don’t know that’s my podcast with my brother and Riley! We talk about video games and superheroes so if either of those things (or our wonderful personalities) interest you please consider listening. Also if you listen on SoundCloud please consider donating to our GoFundMe to keep us on SoundCloud (we are out of minutes on it).

We are also on iTunes if that is more your speed.

So thanks for tolerating this promotional post, more art to get your feedback on coming soon-ish.

And as I would finally like to come out and say:

Who didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Seriously asking, comment.


“5 Days of Announcements” Day 4 – New Logo Design!

Hello there everyone!

I’m back here for the fourth day of Announcement Week with my announcement of new logo work and other Rileys Backpack graphic design. Unfortunately it isn’t 100% finished just yet but I CAN show you a teaser image


This backpack is just the baseline for the logo I wanted to show without giving everything away and there will be more designs other than the main backpack one! So look forward to that in the coming weeks, the 5th day of Announcements tomorrow, and  a Star Wars review from me coming soon-ish!


Merry Christmas

read riley’s post for more info.


It’s Winter Break

I should have a bunch of time on my hands so I’ll write a post about what I’m doing over this glorious suspension of school.

December 15th-18th

Right after we got out of school (December 15th) we drove to Virginia for the weekend. Highlights of that trip include eating at my step-aunt and step-uncle in-law’s restaurant, playing 8-Ball on my phone with my cousin, the delicious food, and opening presents!

I got Super Mario Odyssey

Image result for super mario odyssey

which I would love to explore if I had a Nintendo Switch. If only there was a major holiday mere days away…

December 19th

Our family celebrated Hanukkah in our own non-religious way. We made latkes and played dreidel! We also read a book by the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events entitled The Latke That Couldn’t Stop Screaming.  Good fun.

December 20th

Present day. Today me and my brother lounged about the house and tonight we are going out to dinner for pasta. So exciting, I know.

December 23rd

(Maybe)Going to hangout with my friends at a place where they serve soda and ice cream and waffles, though almost everyone cancelled. I wonder why anyone would have plans that weekend…

December 24th

Christmas Eve! Our family tradition dictates on Christmas Eve we clean the house, go out to eat at Maggiano’s , bake cookies, read about one sentence of the Bible, open presents from family members, decorate the cookies for Santa, take our shiny new toys upstairs and (if you’re me) sit on our beds for 8 hours waiting to go downstairs before succumbing to a deep blissful sleep that is quickly interrupted by Eliot (my little brother) waking me to go get presents.

December 25th

I will go downstairs and get aforementioned presents delivered straight from the north pole. after a couple of moments spend dumping out my stocking out I’ll probably wrestle with my brother for control over the best present (fingers crossed that it’s a switch). We also are going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi which looks awesome!

December 26-January 9th

Video games, playing piano and guitar, and maybe hanging out with friends if I can put down the first two items on this list.


What are you doing for the holiday break? Lemme know in the comments!

And as I screamed when I found a used toothbrush under the tree on Christmas Day:





Thor Ragnarok Review-SPOILER FREE

hehe riley its still today 11:59 the post is out on time thank you very much happy thanksgiving eve.


Hey everyone! Remember me? I wouldn’t blame you since my last post was *audible gasp* 40 days ago?! That’s 57,600 minutes! Or 3,456,000 seconds. Or-

I’ll stop here because this kind of stuff was a major contributor to me not posting. I guess when I think of something that one thing consumes my brain and I don’t do anything else whether that’s playing watching YouTube, reading, music, and even blog posting and podcasting. I guess school has been what consumed my focus recently but I will try to amend. When I have said this kind of thing in the past I have created this huge schedule that I follow for like 2 weeks then just stop again. So I hope you enjoy this post because it may be a while until the next one.

Now onto the review.


Ah, Thor. His movies never really spoke to me and I probably wouldn’t watch them if they didn’t have MCU lore intermingled. But with Thor Ragnarok all this has changed.

I want to make this review spoiler free so I’ll just say this much to start: it’s good. It has a totally different tone (more comedy to be precise) and when I saw this in the trailers I was a bit hesitant. Still REALLY excited for the movie because of the killer theme (Immigrant Song) and my favorite Hulk, but still worried. I have a worry with every MCU movie that they can’t keep up with the stellar previous movies in the universe (yes I still call the Thor movies stellar). I do the same thing with Star Wars, video games, books, and sports. I like picking a team and getting attached to it so I always fear the worst when a new installment comes out. But Thor Ragnarok met and exceeded my expectations.

As I said this movie was funny, but it did a good job balancing funny with plot and depth. Loki as a character has always been interesting to me (a rank-S villain in Avengers who is a sorta-ally now) and this really shows a lot about him. We also get to meet Bruce Banner again after the events of Age of Ultron and that is all fascinating because a lot of time has passed for us that hasn’t for him. Also Mark Ruffalo is the best avenger and I will fight you on that point.

But this movie isn’t without it’s faults. I like a lot of the character decisions but a lot of character interactions I think should have been rethought (if you watched the movie you may know what I mean here). The new characters add a very team like quality to this movie, but I feel like in an already crowded MCU there may not be good space for them. They were like Thor’s own Avengers (there may or may not be a joke about that in the movie).

All in all the characters are good, the plot is funny and well written, and the MCUs future looks way more interesting.

This movie gets 9/10 JPs (jamie points).

Thanks for reading!


I love Star Wars

I was reminded of this fact when the first real trailer dropped for Star Wars Episode VIII.

This trailer has so much to examine with my newly acquired film knowledge (I went to a summer camp where we learned about the detective in film, novel, and in method) and it has been my YouTube obsession to learn everything I can about this trailer.

My father is with me on this and together we tried our hand at dissecting this trailer. My Mom, however, is against anything of this nature. Dissecting the trailers can lead to a spoiler experience on the watchers part (she claims) and so she avoids doing so.

Image result for the last jedi poster
if you look closely the shape of all the people make up a mask of Darth Vader. Google it, seriously.

I enjoy dissecting a trailer because I feel like I am making new discoveries and unraveling the thinking of the film-makers. But I don’t know which I like more. The worst part is because I’m on the fence I don’t want to waste a Star Wars movie testing whether going in blind will help. I’m stuck.

But on the plus side there’s an amazing looking Star Wars movie that comes out in 2 months so the hype train has left the station!

Which would you people prefer (perfectly poised pros if you ask me)? Leave your answers in the comments below, I’ll pick my favorites when ever I check.

Thanks for reading this miraculous post (because I never post, get it?), and as I said a couple of weeks ago:

It’s time for the posting…………… to end.Image result for luke its time for the jedi to end


New Nerd and Brother Episode Out!

Nerd and his brother2


Our podcast. If you like it, please be sure to share with your friends!


Out Now On SoundCloud:

Out Now On iTunes and Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2xDvyBI

Website: nerdandbrother.com

Who says I never post?


i know

I haven’t been posting. School, podcast, baseball, same excuses.

Basically I cannot be trusted. I will put a twice a week posting schedule and try to do LAY semi-regularly.

But I am working very hard on our podcast the Nerd and his Brother!







We are working out the audio (mic getting jostled) so look past that into the true podcast. Also our website is going to be tinkered with so we can add new things on it. Visit that at nerdandbrother.com



Sorry I haven’t been posting on here as much, but really you should check this out. It is something we have worked hard on and just listening to one minute of it would make me happy :).

So goodbye and as I always say:

updates are grrrrreatImage result


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I miss the old rileys backpack..


Posted by differences_between-dumcheeseheroes_rileysbackpackstyle

Now days all Riley does is take time to create quality music and expand his roster of authors to include friends that also create quality posts.

Who else longs for the days where Riley would post MineCraft updates and origami pictures. Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style fell by the wayside as new authors joined and Free Lunch, Poetry, and *shudders* Life and You became prevalent. Moo and other cow noises stopped as like begging started as rileys backpack fell from glory.

And who knows where it ends? One day it might just become Riley’s Backpack (with apostrophe).

So where this decline start?

I think the beginning of the end was when James Blonde joined the blog. Almost immediately he began to engage with readers, start side, projects, and try to out pace the original author Riley. As more authors filled out the roster the posts have gotten better written and better reviewed.

When we used to come to rileysbackpack.wordpress.com we didn’t want some obnoxious podcast logo, some great music and podcasts, and a commercialized .com. We wanted the counter-culture minecraft, origami, and dum cheese we all knew and loved with a .wordpress proudly in the middle!

.In conclusion, I don’t read rileys backpack anymore and you shouldn’t either.

Out with the news, in with the mOOOOOs.

*skit over*

So I’ve been on kind of a satire writing kick and I don’t know if people actually get/want it. So comment if you would like mixed in satirical, parody, or sketch-like posts. Or maybe you would prefer just my schedule. Just comment.

So thanks and as I always say:

The podcast isn’t bad its amazing link here comment like subscribe feed my empiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!