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Mobile Games #1

Hello there you soothing azure skies.

This is the very first edition of Mobile Games, which basically just means I update you on Pokémon Go, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans.

Today is the end of an era for me. If you all don’t know (I may have forgotten to include it in a post), I got a 100 IV Machop a few months ago. I made it my buddy soon after, and eventually evolved it to Machoke. Now I have enough candy to evolve it. TIME FOR A YOUTUBE VIDEO GUYS!

Also I think I should mention that the day before yesterday I got to Level 27, and today I am halfway to Level 28..

This global event is awesome!

In Clash of Clans news, we won our last war against a Level 9 clan by what I assume was them giving up?

We got 20 stars in the first hour, so I wouldn’t blame them honestly.

On Clash Royale, I have been experimenting with the Night Witch, and i’ve made this deck, which kind of looks like a parody of my normal deck.

It’sot as good as my normal deck, but it’s still fun.

Normal deck:

Thanks for reading this kinda short post, there might be a Free Lunch later today as well.


Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale Miner Exclusive!!

For those of you who have the miner and just the miner.

This is the deck I have had most success with, and I started out with the log instead of arrows but arrows word very well so I’m keeping them.

And here is a fun one I have had moderate success with(granted my cards are under leveled).

The idea for this one is pretty simple, miner cycle and chip, then rocket to win!

And while testing this, I actually won this in the second battle I played!

Actually I got the miner from my first one so who knows..

I’m going to hold on to this and unlock it with some other awesome chests I win, so if you want a post on that let me know!

And I played a lavahound inferno dragon with heal and it was deadly, so if you want to see that again, comment.

Finally thank you for reading day 6 of pedim, where I am already hurting for post ideas. Also because Riley is a well liked genie he has double my views still :/

Tomorrow never knows, so expect anything (and by anything I mean the Truth post I didn’t write today), as as I chipped away yesterday:

*exclaimation* ! My  *noun* has *verb* onto my *family member*‘s *noun*!

Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale – How To Get Level 10 Clan Chest

Hello you vestitudes, today I’m gonna tell you all an easy way to get your clan chest to the most it can be for your clan.

For those of you who dislike Clash Royale stuff or don’t play, don’t worry, im putting out a poem tomorrow 🙂



Step 1: Drop as many trophies as possible. I know it’s tedious and discouraging to see yourself lose over and over but it must be done! For extra effort and extra crowns, you can aim for one or two Crown Towers before letting your opponent take out your King Tower.

A bad arena

Step 2: Once you’re down to a reasonably bad arena (Pekka’s Playhouse, Barbarian Bowl etc), get your best deck and demolish all the noobs down there. You can usually three crown in about a minute until you get up to higher up Builder’s Workshop.
I was able to get about a 100 crowns for my clan today while doing this. I went down to Pekka’s Playhouse and was able to consistently three star until I hit Royal Arena. Tomorrow I’ll push the rest of the way back to where I was (Frozen Peak).

Thank you so much for reading 😀


Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale: My New Deck

Hello there you scalene triangles, today I’m sharing my deck in Clash Royale. 

In light of how much the game has changed in the few months I was away, my old deck is obsolete.

Obsolete ;-;

Luckily though, I’ve found a new deck that uses the OP Elite Barbarians in a way i’ m comfortable with using.

With an Average Elixir Cost of 3.4, this one dares far better against more modern decks.

This deck helped me push from 2200 to 2450!

If you have the Elite Barbs and Fire Spirits at the beginning of the match, play them both with the Fire Spirits staggered behind a bit.

Also if you have the Zap and Elite Barbs, you can send them ahead and use the Zap to obliterate a defending Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

Same thing goes with the Hog and Fire Spirits/Zap.

Main Offense:

Hog Trifecta

Hog w/Goblins or Fire Spirits

Elite Barbarians w/Fire Spirits or Zap

Main Defense:

To counter Elite Barbarians, use the Bomber and pull them to the middle with Fire Spirits.

For anything else, Goblins, Musketeer, Bomber, Zap, or Valkyrie depending on the situation.

Thanks for reading this post :3


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Writing The Longest Post Of ALL TIME!!

For those of you who don’t remember back when I started this in May, I decided I was going to write the longest post on Rileys Backpack yet. As of finishing this prologue right now, the final word count is 2134.

So that’s right, you read me. Today we are going to see if we can write the longest post of all time about everything I can scour my brain to write about while I’m doing this.. So let’s start, the time is 12:37, and I’m in Math Class. We were doing Map Testing but I finished it yesterday.


Now I pretty much have the entire period to do whatever it is I wish to do.

I’ve been thinking and I’m wondering if there is any website you can use that is specifically geared towards writers featuring their writings live, like as they type it their followers can watch the page, see them develop ideas and such. Anyways I just thought it would be kind of cool. NEXT!!

So I’ve been practicing a lot of soccer after school now, and I figured out a way to build your stamina each day magnificently! I call it, the Cheestamina Effect!! Which sounds incredibly stupid because I just came up with it on the spot. Wait, scratch that name, let’s just call it “the thing from the swamp”. I’ve been using the thing from the swamp to help improve my stamina greatly. So here’s how the thing from the swamp works. I have a big back and front yard. I measured a distance from a telephone pole to a fence and its 90 feet (or 30 meters [pretty much]) So basically one run from the telephone pole and to the fence and back is one lap. For someone who was previously so unfit (such as myself), you have to start with a small number, like 7 or 9. So run that, then the next day run one more lap than before. Then one more the next. And so on. I’m at a really high number, so most days im running the equivalent of half a mile. Think about it. There and back is 180 feet, and a mile is 5210. So running only 14 is 2520, which is only a bit off of a half a mile. So if you do this, after a couple of days of stopping eating junk food and running with this system, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle. NEXT!!!!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but I am reading the Maze Runner series, and I’m on the Kill Order. I’m not going to spoil it, but all I have to say is (Spoiler Alert—– WHY DOES NEWT HAVE TO DIE ;-;—– Spoiler Alert) Sorry if you saw that before reading the spoiler alert. *sobs* I didn’t care about all the other people who die. NEXT!!

So a while ago me and my brother and sister started watching the show Lost, which is a drama about people who crash on a mysterious island. There are a ton of really interesting characters, and the best part about it is all the plot twists. In every season there is something new to fret about. The Others (the island’s natives)! The Hatch (4 8 15 16 23 42)! Charles Whitmore (Evil billionaire)!

That’s 500 Words.

And here’s another spoiler.. Up ahead… I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen the show you steer clear of the next sentence. I’m serious. Stop reading. I want you to watch the show and if you keep reading this you will never be able to enjoy it. Last warning. Why does Charlie have to die?? He could have just waltzed out, closed the stupid door and told Desmond himself that it’s not her boat. It was meaningless death! WHYY!!!


I’m getting a bit tired of typing, I’ve been doing this for a good 20 minutes and i’m going to just continue this later. Also in the mean time i’ll post something about advertising in this post. Just like all special posts and everything more than five minutes long, it needs advertisement breaks to keep your skull from exploding. Welp, i’ll be back in a bit. Signing off at 650 words.

May 11th, 2016, 11:23

Heyo I’m back with the longest post of all time and now I have an advertisement to log into this so once I think the time is right i’ll add it in.





Ever wished you could find a good blog out there that posts reviews, tutorials, and gameplay a about all different kinds of games? Well then check out my blog at for the ultimate gaming experience!

Yea so there ya go Brandoboy. Today I’m going to be talking about absolutely nothing. I’m getting a bit (AKA EXTREMELY) bored of writing this. I feel like I should just import some material from before, but I can’t do that cause this has to be brand new writing. As you all know, I used to avidly play Minespud (a minecraft server with bending). The reason I stopped posting about it isn’t good. The server shut down and now I have nothing to do on minecraft, and because of this, I’ve pretty much stopped playing it for the time being. If any of you can think of a server I can play with factions and that isn’t too big, please recommend it in the comments below. Of course most of you won’t ever actually read this because your just going to read the top of the page, scroll waaaaay down to the bottom, and say “Oh yea I read it all!”. So if you actually read this bit in the middle, then say so by typing “Just 2 More” in the comments. Dang that’s 900 I’m getting reaaaaaal tired of writing this post.

I think i’ll go to a thousand and then stop for today. So. Clash of Clans. In this game, the clan Polar Cheese still thrives and we are getting really good at war. We are on a war win streak of 4 right now, and we are presently wrecking the next clan so soon it will be at 5. I’ve set up a new system to show who is the most important, War MVP and Donating Champ. I continuously win Donating Champ, and I try to pass around War MVP. That’s 1014 and I’m signing off for today. The time is 11:33.

I’m back, and it’s June 4th at 10:58 PM. I should probably be sleeping though. I’m on a pretty big losing streak on Clash Royale. But aside from that I’m in South Carolina right now, the night before the family reunion where there’s tons of food and family! I’m staying at my Great-Uncles house, and there’s wifi and cable 😌 xD. But yea there’s not much to talk about anymore. The dog that’s in this house starting freaking out earlier barking and he woke my brother and sister up. Such loudness :P. But he went to my moms room so were good now. I’m getting tired so I’m gone for now, cya signing off at 11:02!!

Jeez it’s Been months, I’m still doing this? Uhh

It’s now August 13th, i’m just here to add some to this forever going project. I plan to stop once we hit 5,000 words. But hey, thats probably not going to happen until next year. At the moment, I am working on LOTE (Land of The Elves). I’ve got the story and everything down, and by the time this post comes out, the game might be finished xD. Jamie has Undertale on his computer, we are doing Pacifist, and last night we got past Papyrus! Then we dated him..

My current interests are Twenty One Pilots, Undertale, Rileys Backpack, and jacksepticeye. On Pokemon Go, I am level 16, and my best current pokemon is a 1095 Vaporeon. Brendan is working on music for LOTE, and i’m about to go get a sandwhich. I’m getting ready to delete some pages, cause they are irrelevant. Pages like Video Games (And Other Games), and Clash of Clans War Records. I might restart War Records later once I have more war stuff to talk about. At the moment, our clan has a war win streak of 2 and it’s about to be 3 :D.

Welp, i’ll be back in a bit after my sandwich. I’m going to let my sister type in PINK.


Well that was weird. And it took her 10 minutes to do that… Do you mind if I just copy and paste something I wrote previously xD thats like 1,000 words? No.. I have to stay strong. Today I got 200 words done ;-;

BUT I”M NOT DONEEEE. whya why did that text turn gray lol. I never clicked for it to turn gray. I have to go for now.

3:50 August 13th. Here’s some LOTE details. Beware, kinda spoilers.

Area 1 is the House

In Area 1, you are Inside a house with thunderstorms raging outside, and your brother talking to you about how bored he is. He is younger than you , and his name is Prosper. He laughs, telling you he would find something to do. When he walks out of the room, the game explains the controls. On the wall is a drawing of Dum Cheese. The closet is full of clothes. There are two beds in the room, one is messy and one is clean. If you try to interact with the bed, you hear a growl. The hallway is mostly empty, aside from the blue rainbow painting. There are three doors, one leads to the kitchen, one to the basement, and one with Prospers speech bubble coming from, which is the bedroom. You are able to explore the house, but the basement door is locked. The key is hidden in a kitchen drawer, but the basement only holds a pingpong table, with a note on top and two paddles. To read note please see A1N1. The paddles can be picked up. If you go into the basement then leave, Prosper yells for you again, this time saying, ‘Hurry Up! What are you doing that’s so important??’

If you go back into the kitchen, in the drawer next to the oven, there is a totally dark photograph. For more information on that see A1P1. Also, stuck to the fridge is a note, which you can find more about at in A1N2. Once you (FINALLY) go into the next bedroom that Prosper is in, you see him making a suprised face at an elf who popped out of the sheets of the bed. He starts to talk in a language you don’t understand, and draws a blade, although he looks nervous about using it. Prosper backs away slowly, and you are given an option to fight him, offer him your lollipop, or back away. If you fight him, combat begins. If you offer him the lollipop, he grins in delight and crawls back under the covers. If you back away, he walks towards you uttering the same strange tounge, and you are forced into combat. Once you either defeat him, or bribe him away, your brother Prosper jumps into the bed and disappears under the covers. If you stay in the room for more than 30 seconds, once you go in, he asks what took you so long. You can either stay silent or say I was scared.

End of Area 1. Continue in Area 2.

That puts us at nearly 2000 words so far. Cya later…

It’s 3:24 August 26th. Looking back at that LOTE thing I put down, I kinda regret doing that, because this is posting sooner than one might think. But it’s not going to matter anyways because it’s gonna be a really long time until LOTE actually comes out. I mean, it doesn’t make any difference anyways, because nothing is really important in Area 1. Area 2 however..

I just wanna put this at 2,000 words, schedule it for next week and move on. I’m at 1970. Keep talking. Just gotta finish this strong! agh I have nothing to say to you. SAVE ME PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS!!

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

AND WE DID IT WERE AT SOME NUMBER ABOVE 2000. I feel bad about this because I look in my reader and see some of my writer friends do like 12,000 words in a post, which is insane, at least for me.

Welp thanks for reading, leave a comment if you want your ad put on. But other than ads i’m done with this. I feel if I had have put more work into this it would have been much longer, but instead I worked on it like every other two weeks. Nonetheless,


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How To: Arrange A War in Clash of Clans

Hello there ya peeps, today I’m going to be telling you how to war against your friends in Clash of Clans! If anyone wants to try to war against my clan, leave a comment *insert devil smile emoji here*

STEP 1: Find some clan who wants to war against you! This is pretty easy, cause I’m here and I always want to war against someone, but if you don’t wanna war me, you can just go on global and ask around for someone who would fight your clan.

STEP 2: Pick out all your players on each team. On each side the bases have to be relatively close in strength, so if you have 4 max TH 7’s on your team, the enemy will have to have them too. They don’t have to be spot on close, but close enough that they are about equal.

STEP 3: Find a start time that works for both of you. Most likely you will either need something like kik, or WordPress comments to talk to someone. It’s not that hard.

STEP 4: Start it! Here are some quick little tips so you don’t screw this up 😀

  • Both have to start at the EXACT same time.
  • If the names on your list don’t show up when you start it, cancel it, and get them to cancel too
  • Taking longer than a few minutes? Don’t worry, it’s supposed to!

STEP 5: Get rekt by Polar Cheese 😀

So yea, there’s how you can war your friends. If you actually wanna go against Polar Cheese, tell me in the comments 😀


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Schedule Changes

Hello there merfolk, today i’m going to be telling you ALL ABOUT the new schedule changes coming to this marvelous place we call Rileys Backpack. I’ve decided to be a bit more organized, so as you have probably deducted, i’m making a scheduleish thing. Which you can see in more detail, HERE!

But i’ll be going over it briefly here, so you can just read on if your not the type of person to enjoy details. I know I haven’t been posting Food World for a while, so i’m going back into that, and it’ll get posted every Monday, giving me time to come up with a punchline that’s not crap, and giving you time to enjoy everything else. Tuesday has no definite posts on it, so expect either Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, or some other game. On Wednesday, you get your scheduled LOTE Update for the week. There may be other posts about LOTE in the week, though that is the only one for sure. On Thursday, I have nothing PLANNED, but James Blonde does, with Wild Card Thursdays. And once you get to Friday, we have Free Lunch. On the weekends I may or may not post 😀

And that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading 😀

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Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E1: LUCKY

So I’m back from playing my first half hour of my new blogging world on Minecraft Pocket Edition survival. 

Let me tell you though, I had a really hard time getting the world to work. Maybe it’s the new MCPE menus, maybe I’m an idiot, but the first time I made the world, it was creative, after I explicitly clicked survival,  second time I changed it to survival, and I spawned wo an inventory full of creative blocks, so it took me another couple minutes pouring all that into the luckily after that I figured out how to make it right, refreshed the world, and started this lovely episode.

Lettuce begin.

I spawn. At first I think I’m on an island (mind yells, SCORE) after a couple minutes of pottering about, I realize I’m just on a peninsula (mind yells, SHOOT). I grab the basics, including a furnace, crafting table, and some charcoal and start to mine down. 

But before I went, I took a selfie!

I’m mining down and I make a stone pickaxe and OH WOWZA I DISCOVER A CAVE 😀

I find it by listening to a skeletons bones rattling around. I get there and start to fit the skeleton, but I hear a creeper behind me, turn around to see the creeper expanding, and like a coward, I go into the menu and turn it to peaceful.

But hey, I mean what would you have done. I continue into the cave, finding this death trap waiting to happen

I continue on into the cave, but I make a handy arrow just in case I lose which way I came in.

So I keep going, make some iron stuff, and find a lava pool that will serve as an excellent easy option when I decide to go to the nether. But then AHA LOOK!!

I proceed to bild a little cobble bridge over, I mine the diamonds, and it’s three which is pretty good. After that I nerdpole up to find another cavish thing but it goes deeper down. I sprint through and find, 8 more diamonds!

I do that, but in the process activate one of the “death traps” mentioned earlier. I start to suffocate but luckily I had a shovel from earlier annoying gravel.

So I mine all that crap out and get the diamonds, which turns out to be 8 more! So in half an hour I managed to start with 21 iron and 11 diamonds. 

NEXT TIME ON Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival:

I plan to build a house on this pool of lava 🙂

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The Advantages of Video Games — Part 2

I’m back again to talk to you about video games, and the pros and cons of playing Strategy and Dancing games! Last time we talked about Fighting and Puzzle, so if you want to get to Part One, Click Here. If not the keep reading..

So first off, Strategy games, such as Clash of Clans, Civilization, and of course, the Bloons Tower Defense series! Strategy-type games are one of the biggest staples in gaming, with Clash of Clans having over twenty million players, and Civilization V once being the 3rd most played game on Steam. But what makes these games tick? There’s always one thing that connects them all. Economy. I know you were probably expecting something like cartoon-styled violence, but no, it’s actually the power of being able to control your own Economy that snags people most of the time. Who wouldn’t want to build thier own city? Who doesn’t want to match their amazing empire against others, to see who has the best, or the most of something. One of the great things about strategy games is that they are almost always multiplayer compatible, meaning you can play with your friends, great right? Sometime’s its not great.

The biggest PROBLEM in Strategy games is the all-too-real threat of addiction, and then (such as in Clash of Clans’s Gems), in-app purchases. That’s why you need to watch out for kids playing these games, because if they are playing on your phone connected to your Credit Card account, they could take out some serious cash, just to get some in-game items. For example, two kids in Canada bought 3000$ worth of gems with their mother’s card number.

Next up, Dancing Games!

Who hates to dance?

Nerd Me: I do! I do!

Shut up you..

Anyways, dancing games are one of the few genres that can literally have no negative dangers, or things to watch out for. Unless you put in your credit card number into your Wii, (and who on Earth is doing that), there’s ZERO chance your kids will buy anything. Dancing games are a great way to stay fit, and games like Just Dance also encourage you to learn the words to the songs. I’m pretty sure that’s going to help annoy people while riding in the car with the radio on. But other than possibly passing out from dancing exhaustion.

So that’s that for this post, next up, Shooters and RPGs.

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans – The Unstoppable Clan

No. It isn’t brutus. It’s us!! We have won the last 5 wars in a row, and were still goin! I’m really nervous about this war were in now tho. Score is 12-28 were the 12. I have a plan to catch up but I don’t know if we can do it, cause it relies on me three staring my match.

This clan were facing is apparently a super hardcore war clan. They are a Level 2 (but don’t think they suck cause they don’t) called Alone clan who has never lost a war. They have won 8 with a streak of 8. And we have won 42 with a streak of 5..

So yea.