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Hello There You Contest

Hello there you……..

Help! I’ve run out of hello there you’s!

So, I’ve decided to make a sort of contest thing, only every single entree will be used in a future post!


-Appropriate  (I think there might be some kids reading this blog?? Just in case)

-One or two words (adjectives don’t count as words)

-Must be submitted by next week!

Just leave a comment down below with as many entrees as you want and they’ll be used!

In the posts, I’ll include a link to whoever commented the entree’s blog!

I hope to have at least 5 or 6 entrees by next week, so don’t forget to post a comment, even if it’s super weird and you’re just making it up as you type.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post even though it was pretty short :3


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Sonnet and serious stuff LAY #2

And by serious stuff I mean chocolate

Hi I’m Jamesblonde123, a horribly inactive author who still posts more than Maz.

Welcome back to life and you, where I talk about my life and talk to you!

*This is a really long post.*

Today I will be talking about one of the best things on earth. Chocolate.

So much sad stuff is in the news lately. Donald Trump, the tragic passing of Andy Marte, Donald Trump…

So I thought I’d lighten up the mood and talk about (among other things) chocolate.

*Originally I was going to make this episode a comparison about price for quantity of chocolate but realized I don’t have the budget to buy chocolate*

But because I want to keep you reading, you have to wait until the end of the post.

Or scroll down I guess… *face palm*

So first I want to bring up a little UPDATE/SELF PROMO for my new podcast with my brother (The Nerd and his Brother)

We are still set to roll out on Feb 17 on Blubrry. Our website is experiencing some technical delays

Image result for technical error

But will hopefully be out before the 17th.

We are working really hard to get this right so I hope that you enjoy!

Even if you don’t read my posts and read Riley’s, he will be a recurring guest so listen for that if nothing else.

Next up I want to share that I just got a Pichu in Pokemon Go! For the dozen of you still playing, you know how cool and rare that is. But for all of you who don’t, lemme break it down.

They just added baby pokemon in Pokemon Go. Pichu is the baby version of Pikachu, and he is SUPER rare. But I found in an egg and I was so excited.

And now we talk about a great new game that my friends made.

It’s called Lunch Special. It is a wheel that you spin at lunch with your friends. Whatever it lands on, you do. It could land on an accent challenge, personality switch, or a good old truth or dare.

It is just in beta testing, but we will have it out to the general market soon!

Lol Just Kidding for those of you who don’t get sarcasm.

But yeah credit to Simone, Victoria, and Jordan for creating it.

Moving On!

We have these annoying things at school now called restorative circles. Basically you pass around a ‘talking stick’ and answer stupid questions from the teacher. It takes up class so we get behind and have to do the circle in the first place. We talk about ‘talking from your heart’ and ‘listening from your heart’. Riley wrote a post about it but it is just SO BAD!

And now a word from our sponsors

Have you ever felt like your socks are to solid? Well now there is a solution! Air Socks! The socks that are made of air! Simply take of your socks and the hyrolithic algorithms in our technology will automatically put your air-socks on. It’s like you’re not wearing socks, because you aren’t. But you still get to pay for them! Air-socks, preorder nowhere today.

Lol Just Kidding for those of you who don’t get sarcasm.

So now for the cool stuff.

Today it is this:

Avengers-Inside-Out by CuddleswithCats

I just love that there are enough people in the world that awesome stuff like this happens.

And for my penultimate trick, I will talk about chocolate.

Most people love chocolate. But I want to know which people prefer.

I like dark chocolate myself, but some like milk, semisweet, or even *shudders* white chocolate.

Or you could like a particular candy, or type of candy (Peanut Butter M&M’s).

What ever it is I’d love to know which is a favorite, and I will make a dish on my other blog Cooking with Jamie on the one that gets the most votes.

So comment your favorite type of chocolate!

So now as promised a sonnet I wrote. It is basically a complicated love poem, and this one is from mickey mouse to minnie mouse. I hope you like it.

Minnie, I love you as any mouse loves cheese


Like the taste that always fills me with joy


You are as nice as a warm summer’s breeze


And a beauty that makes me say “Oh boy!”


You make our lives so complete with your smile


Lighting up even the darkest of days


And making me sing “Hot Dog” for a while


Your kind patience never fails to amaze


Donald, and Daisy and Goofy are fine


But even they cannot compare to you


Because you are the one that I call mine


The one who cheers me up when I am blue


You are without a doubt a swell, fine mouse
And an amazing part of our clubhouse


So that’s the post. If you want to be in the next LAY write your question in the comments!


Also thanks to Victoria for joining the blog. She has posted twice already and they are great. So go check her posts out here.

Thanks for reading and as I always say:

A day in the life doesn’t really create enough pizza for a party of 5

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Free Lunch #6

Hello you watermelons, today I’ve made Free Lunch #6 for you. Well I haven’t yet… because I’m typing the intro…

Anyways, I’m gonna start at 11:36.





TODAY STUFF HAPPENED. I’m in Oak Ridge TO GET the new phone which I am holding to type this Free Lunch!! In other news, we are covering poetry in ELA class and today we went to our schools museum to see some pieces of art created by a woman who grew up in New Mexico. Most of them were really deep and powerful messages about equality and police brutality which was very sad. I picked one called L.O.V.E. to write my poem about. Also, my fren published the background music for the song she’s writing here, which you should definitely listen to. I’m listening to my Spotify playlist Stuff Ya Might Like If You Were Riley, and an ad about becoming a hair stylist is on. Annnnndddd my time is up.

Thank you for reading this 😀


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Down There Devlogs 1-2

Hey guys I totally forgot to post the 1st one on here all by itself so here ya go!

You can read it right from the game page and download the current demo HERE!

Devlog #1

I added music into the game, and fixed a lot of stuff.

What we’ve been working on:
Added the soundtrack to the game
Added the soundtrack to the game page
Fixed the walls in Weirdgrass Avenue
Added eatable breakfast
Fixed some typos
Added more easter eggs
Helped Brendan compose some of the songs

A new playable demo will be out within the next week with the music and fixes added, along with some stuff I didn’t note here.

Devlog #2 (New one)

Thanks for paying attention to this stuff 😀


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Happy 2017 Everybody! Plus 299 Followers!


For the record, we are actually only at 299 followers, so i’m not sure why Jamie put out that post saying we were at 300 lol.

But for the amazing milestone of 299, I’ve noticed something amazing. Today, go and check your computer to see what the date is. It will say 1/1/17, in meaning how 1+1+17*15.7368421053=299. Isn’t that a crazy coincidence, that OUR blog is at 299 followers, and that simple math sentence of the date equals 299?

Heheh, horrible jokes aside, thanks for bringing me this far guys.

Alas, it’s time for a poll!

For the New Year, i’m reviving two series! And you guys get to vote on which ones are resurrected from the grave :D. You get three votes apiece because WordPress wouldn’t let me give you two..

Whichever two series have the most votes in three days get to come back for weekly or biweekly posting!

Thanks for reading to the bottom and don’t forget to vote ;D



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Lazy Thursday

Hello there you fellow humans, today I am doing nothing as far as I know. Currently i’m listening to music on Spotify to find songs to go on my playlist, Stuff Ya Might Like If You Were Riley.

Like I said I would, I looked up where the phrase “keep your eyes peeled comes from”. According to Quora:

To keep one’s eyes peeled means to be alert, observant. This seems an odd phrase, but dates back to the 1820s in Britain, when Sir Robert Peel established the first organised police force. The officers were known as ‘peelers, or ‘bobbies’. They were expected to be particularly observant and to keep their eyes ‘peeled’, after their founder’s orders!

But it also has some different answers, so here you go if this has piqued your interest.(Link to quora page)

I’ve just added most of the Cave Story soundtrack and the TOP x MUTEMATH new songs to the playlist.

I’m reading a really good book that Maz lent me called The Watch That Ends The Night, that is a realistic fiction poetry book based around some characters the author made up aboard the Titanic, their lives, and their  inevitable last moments. I just got to the part where they are starting to evacuate the ship, and some people are already dead from the impact of the iceberg alone.

That’s about all I have to talk about right now, I might post something worthwhile tomorrow.


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The World Without Dum Cheese

Hello people, today I actually have a sort-of entertaining post for you. Or at least in my opinion.

Recently I have been contemplating what the world might be like if when I was 8, I had never walked to my desk and created the yellow square that has evolved to become the comic character we all know and well, yeah. I don’t think anyone LOVES Dum Cheese. Let’s start looking at the consequences in my life of what had happened before we look at the larger scope of the world, and the near-apocalyptic effects that would ensue.

DumCheese, dumcheese, or Dum Cheese has literally been every username for anything I do online. Evidence of such is that this post is written by dumcheese. My Minecraft username is DumCheese, and so is my Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, my email has dumcheese in it, but i’m not going to give my email away here because that’s a good way to get spammed. Not to mention this blog was only created because I wanted to show everyone my crappy MS paint pictures of Dum Cheese. So you wouldn’t even be here.

My life would be drastically different, and I would probably be really boring without a way to write down stuff for the world. Without creating Dum, I wouldn’t have ever made a blog. Or maybe if I did it would be some boring blog. Like this one. But we aren’t here to make fun of my past endeavors are we?

Let’s just use this nifty cheestal ball I found in my fridge to take a gander into the future, and see what kind of a world we would have without Dum.

Now if I had never created Dum Cheese, I never would have started drawing at all, so I wouldn’t have won that art contest in fourth grade. If I hadn’t won the art contest, I wouldn’t have had enough confidence to tell the girl I liked that I liked her. If I hadn’t done that, I would have become even MORE of an introvert, and I wouldn’t have gone to Isaac Litton Middle School, which is a pretty social place, but would have followed my friend Seth to Meigs Middle School. Once at Meigs, I would have made a major scientific breakthrough with Seth, and we would have become some of the richest kids in the world. And more than 75% of that money would have gone towards charities to help the poor and unprivileged.

It looks like it would have been better if Dum had never been created.. now let me go back in time to fix that 😀


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Sanstale – Victory Over Adversity

Hello there ya three-headed dragons with two heads, today is the day. Today is the day I beat Sanstale. Today is my DESTINY!! Let me start off by saying, if you haven’t read the last two episodes, I encourage you not to, as they are pretty boring.

But this episode.

It’s exciting!

It’s full of surprises!

It’s jam-packed with the death of Sans..

Anyways, let’s start off with the usual death count that appears at the start of this episode.

x15 this time, not that bad 😀

Brendan is playing Undertale and losing to Undyne continuously on my laptop, so I’m playing on my mom’s laptop instead. That means no new screenshots. But I’ll be sure to add old ones that are of relevance. Such as showing you the attacks now.

bandicam 2016-09-05 20-43-39-134

There’s the first attack, the locket, which basically spins around and destroys you over. And over. And over. ECT

This is the knives attack, it’s not so bad, because it’s not as repetitive as the locket. You just have to dodge a load of knives that hurl at ya.


I fail on the locket like seven times, because i’m just getting warmed up 🙂

Then I make it past the second attack, which is the knives, but die on the spinny knives.

Then I realize that the third attack varies, because I do it again and the attack is falling orange knives, and orange means you have to keep moving. Unfortunately I didn’t think and I died..

I die a few more times on the locket..








Chara’s eyes flash bright red once, and the game restarts with no death message. I know this is the end because I watched some guy do it on YouTube beforehand.

Yep, that’s the end of Sanstale. If you ACTUALLY want me to do some other incredibly difficult game, a like would help encourage me to take on the challenge..

Some other game like Die Alone?

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LOTE: Elvess

​The town of Elvess is the second town you find in your adventures. You can get there by taking the ferry from Flease to the dock in Elvess. The town is made up of 6 buildings. 


Fancy Inn

Town Hall

Police Station

Skate Park

Rollo Factory

Everyone in the town is very unhealthy, because the only food options are McRonald’s Burgers, and Chocolate Rollos. Here is some more information on the town..

McRonalds: Standard McRonalds, the cashier is a squeaky voiced elf, who’s text will crack instead of their voice cracking.

Fancy Inn: The Fancy Inn, is operated by a single elf woman, who runs the entire place on her own. Constantly busy, it’s hard to get a room, because she only shows up at the register every 4 minutes. During other times, you can find her working around the place, either cooking, cleaning, or showing people to their rooms.

Town Hall: A normal town hall, with an ape mayor.

Police Station: This one has no backroom, but instead has a haunted basement that has a mini game in it. The Police Chief is a hyperactive Cheetah.

Skate Park: The skate park is full of Moody teenagers who will fight you if you walk in front of them while they are skating. There is a snack bar there too, but to get to it you have to zigzag through angry skaters.

Rollo Factory: The doors never open, and never close. Unless you have reputation over 100, which isn’t happening anytime soon 🙂

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Ramen Noodles and Kubo

HELLO YA PEOPLE READING ME, today we have a life post, which we haven’t had in far too long. I’m about to leave Oak Ridge as I type this, but I figured I would have enough time and WiFi to get it out. The other day, I tried Ramen Noodles for the first time, and now I’m in love with ’em. I drank most of the broth last night :O. Yes, I know they are really bad for you, but I’m assuming that I’ll probably never get to have them outside of Oak Ridge because we’ve never eaten them at my house. Who knows, maybe i’ll start a Ramen Noodle trend in Nashville :D.

Also, we went to see Kubo and The Two Strings last night, which was reallllllllllllllllllllllly good. Basically, it’s a movie about a kid who can play his strings instrument and turn normal origami alive! He has to go on some quests and stuff, there are sad parts, and it got a NINETY-SIX percent on Rotten Tomatoes.. How does that even happen?? I would call hacks, but it’s such a good movie that I actually believe it got that review legitimately.

In Fallen Human news, I got really stuck, trying to figure out how to make the King stop his attacks once you die, so you don’t just respawn and he’s still shooting stuff at you. If it was that way, it wouldn’t matter whether or not you died, the attacks would just continue and he would lose without you having to do anything but die. Graystalk, a fellow planet-minecrafter, helped me find a some commands that would work for my situation. So all’s good there.

Sanstale is tearing out my eyes.

That’s about all that’s happening to me right now, what about you?